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Anyone else watching?

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all the cinemas I've seen only have this in French. Has anyone seen this in English yet or have any idea when it will be available to buy. I loved the book and am dying to see the film.

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Any Irish themed events happening for St PAtricks? Cheers, Nige.

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You can tell i'm getting a bit bored at the mpment, I suppose it's the end of the summer and the dark mornings and early nights. So wht do you get up to at weekends? I seem to shop, organise the house, nip out for a beer or two in the local bar on saturday evening and practice my French at some of the local guys. I'm not sure my language is very good and i don't understand half of what they're saying but we seem to communicate pretty well. Then its backt o the house and the goggle box. I do like the sunday ritual though Late breakfast, lazy lunch and a few glasses of plonk, settle down in front of the fire for the evenings telly with a sunday tea.  

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I'm always on the look out for new things to read and have quite varied taste. So what are you reading at the moment. I'm reading a very interesting book about the Congo called "Blood River  - a journey to Africa's broken heart" by Tim Butcher.  It's quite an eye opener and makes you realise why the region is so messed up. Its a very good read and not all history as it tells the story of the author following Stanleys footsteps. Somethinhg a bit more up beat i think next time though.

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Not for the fainbt of heart or squeemish but  a brilliant film non the less. Highly recommended!

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We love blues music and were looking to find a suitable venue somewhere in the region that hosted blues music at the weekend. Doesn't matter where it is as we're happy to make a weekend of it...

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I don't normally rave about films but we went to see this on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it. really worth making the effort to go and see it and it is very well done indeed.

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I found this and it made me smile so thought i would share it with other Angloinfoists. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jFhqNNfNKR4

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I've just seen that Madeline Peroux is going to be playing in saint Martin Boulogne on the 24th as part of the Tendances Jazz Festival....I hope I can get a ticket. She's great. Link You tube Link

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A Piece of Winter Cheer Feeling a bit down after all the Christmas and New year celebrations are over?. Come and join in the fun. The Seven Valleys social group are putting on an adaptation of the Cinderella pantomime on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st January at 19.30. Tickets 5E adults, 3E under 16. In English but with a french narrator. But hurry because tickets are going fast! At Cavron st Martin( Near Hesdin) Anyone interested in seeing this should E-mail contact@ourfrance.net

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I've just seen that there is an exhibition all about Anne franck in Lille. Has anyone been and is it wort the trip. I've been to the Anne franck Haus in Ansterdam years ago and thought this would be good for the kids to go and see beofre they go back to school.

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Anyone been to see this yet? My kids say that it's had some good reviews and some bad reviews - be interested to see what folks on here had to say about it before i pay to go see it.Nige

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Missed the Dunkerque carnival last year, heard it was brill. When does it start, and when is the fish slapping event?

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The London-based artist Alison Jackson is currently exhibiting in Senlis! Jackson's work forms part of the current expo (Icons) at the Fondation Franc├Ęs in the rue St Pierre - until the 28/1/12 Alison Jackson's work is about fame, celebrity and the media and is both provocative and thought provoking: http://www.fondationfrances.com/

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Can someone be so kind as to tell me what I have to do to get sky television in France please. Is it legal? Does one have to have an address in the uk? etc etc....Thank you

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Hi I'm a singer/guitarist based in Saint-Quentin area. Can play everything from folk/blues to rock/pop. I'm looking for places to play including pubs/bars and private functions. Please check out my profile at www.myspace.com/chesteracoustic and contact me at chesteronthestreet@hotmail.co.uk Thanks Chester

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IJust found this on the blog! In Beauvais on the 20th to the 24th May there is a music festival with a difference, this is a Cello festival, although there are other performers too, this year they are featuring English music, and have some well known performers, go and see. http://www.beauvaistourisme.fr/Actualites/Festival-de-violoncelle-de-Beauvais Meanwhile in Gerberoy on the 7 & 8th May there is a medieval fete, this is to celebrate 1435 and the battle of Gerberoy, unfortunately against the English, but I am sure they will have forgotten all about that by now. They have a full programme including, cavaliers on horseback, archers, games and music as well as medieval food and drink.

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hi someone told me that there will be a british week in le touquet in june. does anyone have any details?? thanks

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Heard Katie Meluha is playing in the area soon, does anyone know anything?

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