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Hello, we have been in Northern France for 11 years, and are local to Frevent, Pernes, Flers, Valhuon, Anvin and locations next to those villages, we have sadly had a number of our friends return to the UK recently, and basically are seeking new acquaintances and friends.......we are happy to chat on-line or you would be welcome to visit and have a glass of wine ! We are a couple that keeps busy, David is an active builder, I like to cook, potter in the garden, teach a few local children English, and entertain our friends for dinner etc occasionally.  We have now fully renovated our home, but still have work to do on the rear exterior of the property, which keeps us busy too. If there is anyone out there that has room in there lives for a new friend...then just get in touch, we would LOVE to hear from you !!

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Looking for extra maths tuition for my son aged 8. Near Bethune. Prefer English speaking maths teacher. Can anyone recommend a tutor or tell me where I might look to find someone.

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Can anyone recommend a good childrens ballet class / dance school. French or English spoken is fine for age 4 to 8 years.

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 Hi there, I recently moved here with my husband and baby (turns 1 next month) and was wondering if anyone wants to meet up in the day who also has children / babies. I live near Ardres and would love to meet some people locally! Thanks, Emily

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Hello everybody,  i am looking for à nice international school for my daughter in Compiegne. could you recommend  a nice school?  Thanks for for your help, Charlotte 

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Someone was asking recently about brocantes and vide-greniers in the region. Here's a link to a site showing them by departement. Hope it will be of interest. http://brocabrac.fr

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Hi, can anyone tell me  what  working mums can do in the school summer holidays regarding child care . Are there any summer clubs or schools where children can be safely cared for while parents are at work? Any help and advice gratefully received, thanks. Donna.

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hi there, Me and my husband are arrving in Saint Valery Sur Sommes with a little boy of 7 months, Im looking to see if there are any playgroups coffee mornigns that maybe I can join or meet some new people. Cheers Kylie

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Chantilly’s Anglophone playgroup Mothers & Others An English-speaking playgroup for pre-school children and their carers. Songs, stories & activities for the children. Coffee & chat for the grown ups. New members always welcome! Thursdays 9.30—11am St Peter’s Hall 7a Ave du Bouteiller, Chantilly   Contact Mary 06 74 14 41 29 or Debbie 06 64 10 83 37  

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Hi everyone! I'm Charlotte. I've recently moved from Ile de France to Soissons, I was wondering if there are any expats around here? I've seen hundreds of English since moving here but I think most of them were tourists! I have a three year old daughter who's just started school, would be great to meet up with some expat mums. 

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does anyone have any experience of washing crocs in the washing machine? i was advised to throw them ib the bin but i think that was more of a style thing

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Dear parents, We are delighted to open the first bilingual nursery of Lille at the end of September 2014 near Euratechnologies (South-West district of Lille). This is a micro-crèche able to welcome 10 children per day, 5 days a week, from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm. If you wish to know more about us, our values, our opening hours, our rates, or the way we plan to set up the bilingual project, please go to www.crechappy.com. If you’re interested to reserve a place for your child, don’t forget to fill the pre-registration form. Whether you are looking for full time, part time or occasional childcare, and provided your child’s age is between 2.5 and 36 months, all requests are of interest to us. It would be a pleasure for Crechappy to welcome children of English-speaking families living in and around Lille. To extend our bilingual touch, we aim to offer workshops in English on Saturdays for the 3-6 year old (2 levels : beginners and confirmed), and to organize French or English adult classes on evenings. Please leave your contact details on the website to be contacted for one or several of these activities. See you soon ! Bénédicte Delouvrié Founder and manager of Crechappy benedicte@crechappy.com

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Will be travelling by car from Zeebrugge to Mayenne early July and returning August with children aged 3 - 11 years. Ideas of what to visit en route welcomed. Flexible itinerary at this stage -  but not Paris. Easy parking. Thanks

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There's a new Facebook groups for mums, mamas and moms in the Chantilly area: "A bilingual group for moms to share events, items for sale, questions,advice. Un groupe bilingue pour les mamans de partager des événements, articles pour la vente, des questions, des conseils".    https://www.facebook.com/groups/chantillymama/ Get in touch with Jacqui, if you're interested in joining.    

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What would recommend to give to children to try and prevent them catching the inevitable illnesses this time of year? People say echinacea, but does it work?

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Have got kids coming up to that age and looking at all the options, as they are bilingual they could go France or UK I have heard that even though our kids are british, because we are French resident they can go to Scottish unis and pay the reduced fees rather than the £9k a year that  English resident kids do, any one got any other info on this?

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At what age is it safe for teenagers to start using weights. I only ask as our 14 year old is keen to bulk up a little but I'm worried he may do himself an injury. A friend said that it wqas dangerous to put developing muscles under the kind of strain that weighlifting does. Any ideas anyone?

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Myself and my family are setting the wheels in motion to realise our dream of moving to France. We bought a holiday home in the Limousin and have had some wonderful times there. My neighbours have taught me basic French. We are looking for somewhere In the Pas de Calais region close to a town or village as myself and my 2 year old daughter will be living alone midweek as my partner will continue to work in London. We looked in and around Hesdin and quite liked the area. Any advice on villages with a good sense of community and basic amenities that would suit a young family. I look forward to receiving some top tips.

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I'm getting on a bit and, as it does, the topic of what will happen to my body when I die popped into my head. Now, I don't know happens in France but i'm assuming most peoplke are buried, but what do you do if 1. you want ot be cremated and 2. if you want your ashed to be sent back to a family plot in the uk. Sorry its a bit of a downer subject!

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I found this on another site and thought it would be useful to people on here. The CPAM helpline in english is 08 11 36 36 46

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