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Are there any regional dishes of the Nord Calais area? Looking for something that maybe I wouldn't have heard of before.

started by: Claydon · last update: 1414499405 · posted: 1367503192

Simple straw poll here, which do you prefer and why?

started by: El Enormi Grande · last update: 1394898578 · posted: 1391165791

Does anyone know a suppler of the Spanish sausage anywhere in the area? I'm prepared to travel and buy in bulk! Or alternatively an online supplier...?

started by: MacPherson-Strutt · last update: 1394724169 · posted: 1394724169

I've got a container of British bought Ovaltine and another of French-bought Ovo-Maltine in the cupboard (don't ask me why), and I've just being comparing the contents (don't ask why about that either). The UK one contains 73% barly malt extract and 8% milk cocoa powder. The French one contains 51% barley malt extract and 13% milk and cocoa powder. They're both manufactured in Switzerland. I wonder why this is. I think we should be told!  

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As well as being partial to a Chinese, I do love my Mexican food (mole is simply to die for!). Are there any authentic ones within 45 minutes of Beauvais?

started by: Smalls-903629 · last update: 1389198076 · posted: 1388998770

Anyone recommend a Chinese buffet-type place for a family to go? We're north of Beauvais but would travel. Thanks

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What are people drinking in this weather? I'm finding I'm drinking more than usual but I don't want to consume more calories than I have to!

started by: El Enormi Grande · last update: 1388672949 · posted: 1387318220

Anyone recommend a French cheese suitable for a Christmas supper?

started by: HAWK-EYE · last update: 1386264427 · posted: 1383330579

Hello  can anyone recommend any good restaurants in Lille  Thank you

started by: blisters · last update: 1382815850 · posted: 1382815850

We used to live in France (Brittany) but are now back in the UK, but are popping over Calias on a wine run We are therefore aware of the super markets and lidl, just wondered if there were any wine merchants worth a visit to PM me, my new email is grahamkeay at btinternet dot com Coming over Tueday 29th Oct Thanks

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Anyone got a fool-proof recipe for apple strudel? I don't want to get a soggy bottom!

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Anyone built one of these and have the plans?  

started by: R2D4 · last update: 1363700421 · posted: 1363620556

Does anyone know where you can get these as I used to love them, but nowhere seems to sto=ck them. Is this something I'll need to buy online perhaps?

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I've started making my own yoghurt and wondered if anyone knew how I go about changing it into cheese. I'm sure I've read soemwhere that it can be done. Or is there an easier way of going about this?

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I'm srue there used to be a dried version of a bacon flavout burger mix which I think was called sizzles and you could get veggie bacon in the supremarkets in england. Does anyone know if any of this stuff is avaialble over here. I've looked in the bio shops and they hve sausages but nothing that looks like bacon.  

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I know it's wrong because you aren't getting what you expect but the horsemeat in burgers thing did make me wonder if there would have been such a big reaction over here in france. Would it bother you?

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Why are they never ripe? Do french prefer them hard? If they are ripe they are invariably rotten - i've lost count of how many i'ce had to throw away!

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Any one able to recommend any decent restos that serve Indain or Pakistani food. I cook a good curry but it would be nice to go out and have a good one cooked for me for a change. Are they tamed to suit the French palate?

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It's "She Who Must Be Obeyed's" birthday soon and despite nver having baked a ake in my life before I thought I'd give it a go. I've found the recipe but want to decorate it. Anyone know where they sell cake decorations?

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We have onbe conming and i'm told they wont' make an exception and eat turkey even though it's tradition and it's Christmas. I dont want to go to too much effort as I think they are bothersome but I do want it to look like i've gone to a bit of an effort for the herbivore in our midst. Recipes that will impress but requir little effort please. I was thinking sprout surprise...yes just spouts "SURPRISE!" but I've been told this is not acceptable by the one who must be obeyed.

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