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Why are they never ripe? Do french prefer them hard? If they are ripe they are invariably rotten - i've lost count of how many i'ce had to throw away!

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WinDemmup 1359730279

It's not just us then. We have not had a good avacado pear since we came here and I do like a nice avacado and prawn cocktail with a dash of brandy in the marie rose sauce...and onions on top of course.

Squeaky-882728 1359808093

Once avocados become ripe they need to be eaten straight away which is why they reach the retailer in an unripe state. If they arrived in crates ready ripened most would end up being thrown away.

If you buy a pouch of them, take out however many you want to use 24 or preferably 48 hours before and put them in a bowl with bananas which will speed up the ripening process.

No, the French don't eat them under-ripe but they plan ahead and wouldn't normally buy them to eat the same day. 

echo1967 1359991911

Interesting. Ive seen ready to eat avacados in the shops sold i n pairs . I wonder if they throw a lot of them away.

Squeaky-882728 1360240796

The best thing is to buy them individually at your local market where you smell and prod them to see if they're ripe if you want to eat them straight away.

echo - you couldn't have 'seen' that they were ripe ;)  You have to do the touch test :)

Finally Here 1360313542

Squeaky, I've "seen" these too -they are sold in pairs as being ready to eat but are sealed so you can't give them a gentle squeeze. They are much more expensive than the loose ones though.

HappyinFrance-870971 1360774598

the last time I bought the expensive ones, guaranteed ripe they were black and manky inside, never again!!

WinDemmup 1360836003

We've bought the cheap ones and let them ripen, we've bought the expensive oines  in the plastic case and we've still to have one that isn't black at some point. Where is Marky Sparks whern you need them.

HappyinFrance-870971 1360934008

best bet is to get them hard (not rock hard though) and leave them with your bananas for a couple of days.  If they have been stored too long in the cold they tend to go black whatever you do!

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