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I've started making my own yoghurt and wondered if anyone knew how I go about changing it into cheese. I'm sure I've read soemwhere that it can be done. Or is there an easier way of going about this?

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WinDemmup 1361618355

Seen this done. Over here I think its called faiselle or something like that. If you add lemon juice to warm milk it separates into curds and whey and you can strain off the whey. Press the curds, leav it and you have cheese.


Finally Here 1361806733

Thanks Win.I may give that a go. Sounds really easy. Does anyone know where you can get musilin from?

Finally Here 1361981508

Tried this yesterday and it seems to have worked ok. I couldnt find muslin so used a thin tea towel. Apparently I have to press it beneath pans filled with water now to make it harder. I'll let you guys know how it tastes. Apparently the whey that comes off is very good for you and you can cook with it. Waste not want not and all that.

Nigel Havers1 1362506765

Sounds delicious FH,I must gove this a bash at some point. Did you use whole milk or the skimmed stuff. Is pasturised ok?

Finally Here 1362587949

NIgel, I went and bought whole milk in the plastic bottles from the supermarket but I think you can use any kind of milk.

Taste--wise the "cheese" is ok. A bit like the quark stuff you used to be able to buy. It's nice if you add stuff to it and once pressed you can fry it and cok with it. Its a bit "different" but very nice really.

HappyinFrance-870971 1362588059

Ive made chesse by making yogurt in my yogurt machine then straining through muslin/teatowel.  If you add a little salt, garlic and hebs it makes a lovely cream cheese

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