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Anyone recommend a Chinese buffet-type place for a family to go? We're north of Beauvais but would travel. Thanks

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Good afternoon,

There are at least three buffet-style restaurants in Compiègne, but that might be a bit far for you to consider travelling. I can give you their names (after a little research - because I can't remember their names), if they might be of interest to you. They're all within easy reach of the N31 which runs between Beauvais and Compiègne.

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Many, many thanks for replying. We'd definitly travel that distance for the right place! If you recommend them and say that they are good, we'd make that journey. Any particular one, or are they all nice?

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Hi again,


Eyes down for Compiègne Chinese restaurants with buffet meals. There are three of them and two have opened very recently. All three are in the same neighbourhood on the west-side of Compiègne on the trading and commercial estates on either side of the Oise.


I’ve listed them in the order that you’d come across them if you were driving from Beauvais.


Terre et Mer: Open 7/7 11:45-14:30 & 18:45-22:30

Address: ZAC de Jaux, 86 rue des Métiers 60880 Jaux.

 Tél: 03 44 37 08 08

Buffet, wok, grills, and sushi. “as much as you can eat”; So basically Surf & Turf, Chinese style. This restaurant has only just opened.

This is on a roundabout just inside the commercial zone, close to Leroy Merlin (DIY) and Carrefour (Supermarket).


Gourmets d’Asie

Address: 3 rue Gaspard Monge, 60200 Compiègne.

Tél: 03 44 30 88 88

If you carry on down the hill across the river on the D1131 (Compiègne ring-road), then filter off to the right before you reach the roundabout with the D200, you’ll see it in front of you.

Open 7/7, but I don’t have the opening times.

Buffet, wok, and grills, “as much as you can eat”;


La Couronne Royale

Address: 2 avenue Henri Adnot, ZAC de Mercière, 60200 Compiègne

Tél: 03 44 23 27 81. Not sure of the times, but I think it’s 7/7

If you carried on to the roundabout that I mentioned above, then turned right, carried on to the second roundabout after this, then turned right, this one’s situated on the corner (D200).

Specialities: Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. As much as you can eat. The buffet is more traditionally Chinese than the varieties at the above restaurants.


The choice is yours. I can’t really recommend one or another. I’ve got a soft spot for La Couronne Royale, because we’ve eaten there often and it seems to be family-run and we get a very warm welcome.

The other two seem to be the new style of “as much as you can eat buffet” with a bigger selection of food and cooking styles.


We think that there’s something similar in Creil around the St Maximin commercial area, but we don’t have any names at the moment. There must be similar types of restaurants around Amiens, but again, we have no information to hand.


I hope this helps in the meantime and that you have an enjoyable meal (or three).  I expect to see you back before too long looking for recommendations on gyms and fitness!


I’ll get these inserted in the Business Directory and keep an eye out for similar ones in the future.


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Many thanks once again for takign the time to list all that information Klackto!

It would make a nice change to take the family out to one of those all-you-can(!)-eat buffet places when they're over. Especially as my dad has hollow legs!

I'm going to start another thread, but what about Mexican restaurants? Are there any authentic ones in the area?


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Ah, now, we think you're sitting quite close to that one in the centre of Beauvais. Can't remember the name offhand, but the Research Dept will get onto it and I'll post here soonest. It's very close to the Square and consists of a bar in the front and a restaurant at the rear. Nice atmosphere and when they hold the music festivals in Beauvais, I think it's one that has live music too.

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PS: My daughter tells me that the name of the Beauvais restaurant is Le Touco.



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