Decent Indian/pakistani Restaurants

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Any one able to recommend any decent restos that serve Indain or Pakistani food. I cook a good curry but it would be nice to go out and have a good one cooked for me for a change. Are they tamed to suit the French palate?

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I think you are right, they are more to suit the french palate.


As a veggie I love indian food and like you cook it at home but its nice to have the whole restaurant experiance sometimes.  I love dishes with paneer which is an indian cheese but horror of horrors found that the indian we went to in Lorient when visiting my friend in Brittany , replaced the paneer with laughing cow cream cheese, not the same atall, apparently this happes a lot

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I've never had a good Indian meal in's all too bland and made very much for french tastes.

Once went to a place in Rennes I think and the waiter couldn't tell one dish from another...neoither could we.

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