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Anyone built one of these and have the plans?  

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Nigel Havers1 1366370432

Strangely enough, Jules I've been digging around the internet for one of these. I can across one that uses a food grade bucket with lots of holes drrilled aound it, a circular bit of ...i'll find it and link it as this will be easier.  And now I can't find it....

Basically you cut holes in a big bucket, reinforce it with big cable ties so it's strong, cut a piece of wood that is round and just fits in the barrel, put the apples in a muslin bag, put the round bit of wood on top, on top pf that get a thick bit of wood and on top of that a car jack. Now the difficult part is that the jack has to puch against something and you need to build a REALLY sturdy frame.

I'm going to give it a bash I think

Cheers. Nige.


buster-784461 1366826320

Ahh thats just what we did!

We used half a wooden barrell - old cider one , not one from the garden!!

And used  one of those props that are used to hold up beams - would it be an acro!!

Tightened  against a huge barn beam, although watch out the beam doesnt lift!!

The apples were mashed up with a heavy thingy that was probably ment to flatten hard core!

Jules57 1366899934

Thanks Buster and Nige!!! Looks like a plan. Iook forward to a DIY disaster:-)

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