Horsemeat in burgers

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I know it's wrong because you aren't getting what you expect but the horsemeat in burgers thing did make me wonder if there would have been such a big reaction over here in france. Would it bother you?

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HappyinFrance-870971 1358500718

Im veggie so dont eat beef burgers anyway but I think you hit the nail on the head, its the horse (and pig) being in there but not on the list of ingredients that is the problem.


perhaps they could re package the burgers as containing horse then flog them to the french?!

echo1967 1358503948

Horse is delicious! Get it down you I say to the neigh-sayers :-)

HappyinFrance-870971 1358847807

fine if you know you are eating horse but not without knowing, I think the pig in there would be a bigger issue esp for muslim or jewish people!

WinDemmup 1358948938

I don't think it would realy bother me too much bt I can see why it would upset a good few other people out there.

echo1967 1359042349

On a more serious not it's a little shocking that a leading supplier of food doesn't seem to have a very tight control on their suppliers.

echo1967 1361176214

Looks like this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Looks like it's all over Europe and not just confined to UK.

Finally Here 1361270725

It does doesn't it Echo. I think there are going to be some very worrying revelations come out in the very near future.

Finally Here 1361981912

And so it continues. Now Ikea dn alots of others.

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