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Simple straw poll here, which do you prefer and why?

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El Enormi Grande 1367570346


Ange1-895832 1367580098

Lidl for the basics then Leclerc for everything you can't get in Lidl. Wine in Lidl is cheap and good.


Jules57 1367860182

Like Ange 1 and many others I suspect, I do the basics at Lidl and Netto and then Geant. Lidl and Netto both have a tremendous range of food including some quite exotic foodstuffs.

Nigel Havers1 1367930511

Carrefour and L'Eclerc for us. Lidl for tinned tomatoes and pouring cream.

Cheers. Nige.

El Enormi Grande 1367934883

Without doubt Aldi. And that's based solely on a) the kebab meat in the freezer and b) the awesome stuff that they sell in the big metal racks. I've bought loads of things from there!

Claydon 1368113418

Interesting responses. No mention of Intermarché, I see. Anyone shop there?

ejoftheweb 1411561443

I think intermarche is way better than carrefour. The Carrefour at Hesdin used to be Champion and it was OK, but as Carrefour the quality and range have gone right down. Champion Auxi-le-Chateau became Intermarche. Neither are particularly cheap though compared to Aldi and Lidl which we use more and more; it's a good compromise to get the basics (loo paper, tinned tomatoes, sugar) from Aldi and then patronise independent/artisan shops and market stalls  for bread, charcuterie, cheese, fruit and veg. Still need to go to Intermarche for lait frais pasteurise though, essential for a cuppa. 

MacPherson-Strutt 1414499405

Our local Auchan used to be pretty good, but they seem to have turned it into a bazaar stocking "cheap" junk, high in all the alleys. They've also started to move stuff around, forcing you to search all over the place for things they've moved - presumably on purpose to get you to spontaneously buy their additional rubbish. Clever ploy.

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