Vegetarian Bacon

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I'm srue there used to be a dried version of a bacon flavout burger mix which I think was called sizzles and you could get veggie bacon in the supremarkets in england. Does anyone know if any of this stuff is avaialble over here. I've looked in the bio shops and they hve sausages but nothing that looks like bacon.  

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WinDemmup 1361618196

Not seen it over here but had it in England and it was to bacon what Danni La Rue is to heavyweight boxing.

Finally Here 1361806791

Thanks for that Win. I know it's not quite the same but then veggies aren't going to mind that much surely...

HappyinFrance-870971 1362071804

I think they might have stopped making it, I know sosmix and burger mix changed a few years ago as it was taken over by granose, never seen the bacon one since!

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