Vegetarian Christmas

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We have onbe conming and i'm told they wont' make an exception and eat turkey even though it's tradition and it's Christmas. I dont want to go to too much effort as I think they are bothersome but I do want it to look like i've gone to a bit of an effort for the herbivore in our midst. Recipes that will impress but requir little effort please. I was thinking sprout surprise...yes just spouts "SURPRISE!" but I've been told this is not acceptable by the one who must be obeyed.

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echo1967 1353586656

Nut loaf is what I think vegetarians eat at xmas. Bound to be a recipe on line somewhere. i dont mind it actually at a push and drowned in gravy.

Finally Here 1353595431

Nut roast is a good call if you are having a traditional Christmas lunch as the veggie will feel like they are getting a similar kind of meal as everyone else. 

I remember going out in my teens to a restaurant for Christmas dinner years ago as a works event and the veggies got veggie lasagne, roast and mashed potatoes, sprouts corrots and all the just didn't seem right to me.

HappyinFrance-870971 1353601314

My dad made me a fake turkey out of veggie sausage mix one year, it was actually very good!


Remember not to serve them meat gravy though!

WinDemmup 1353949474

Sprout Bolognese has also been given the thumbs down so it looks like i'm ion the lookout for a nut roast recipe. Is this stuff any good?

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