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Does anyone know where theres a list of the big chritmas markets going on this year?

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Does anyone know wha the french for baking powder is please.

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planning what to have for christmas dinner at the moment and i've been put in charge of the booze side of things...it's ha hard job but someone has to do it :-) anyway I thought we'd start the day with black velvet, a couple of glasses of plonl whilst preparing the dinner (actually mrs 1967 wil be doing that but i will be hard at work watching). What I want is soemthing big and robust that will go with turkey and all the trimmings but sonmething to go with the starte too (problably scallops in a beurre blanc), So a couple of bottles of something white and dry and a few bottles of big reds. I dont want to go over board -there will be a few people over for the moninng and the black velvets so that is covered but only two of us for lunch. I was thinking a two white, two or three red and a bottle of port with the cheese suggestions please :-)

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Are the mushrooms out yet. Last year found a great spot but its a drive away so dont want to waste my time.

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Do you find that you have to defend British cooking against a barrage of French criticism? How often have you heard how terrible our cooking is? Do you think that the day to day cuisine in your region is better than the day to day cooking of your home region? Let me know. Send me an email or post a comment. http://kerrydwyer.net/2011/11/04/boiled-beef-and-jelly/ Kerry

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We have a few apple trees in the garden and i thought about having a go at making some kind of pickle or chutney with the windfalls. Any ideas or proven recipes. Nothing too complicated thanks jus t something I can goive the odd jar of to the neighbours at christmas and can enjoy with a slice of cheese and a glass of wine :-)

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Hi all. I am fed up of making the same old meals and need inspiration. We love chicken, pork and fish,and prefer rice or potatoes to accompany it, there are usually 4 of us dining at the same time. Has anyone got any tried and tested favourites they might like to share.Look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks.

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we have some froiends visiting us soon and they've asked if we want anything fetching back with them. Apart fdrom a couple of bottles of Timothy taylors i can't think of anything I really miss that much. Stuff we do miss most of it I can get at the supermarkets , like beans and cheddar and things.What do you miss if anything?

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I.ve seen this on loads of menus, but every time I ask someone what it is I get a different reply. What is it? should it be hot or cold? and does it taste nice!

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Another package of lovely curries delivered to my door from 'The Curry Bros' . Repeat business says it's 'good business'. As ever excellent service , have a look in the Featured Classifieds ads you will see them there www.thecurrybros.com

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Does anyone have any recipes for our new(ish) Aga. Mrs. Scrumpy has bravely been cooking casseroles for the last 2 weeks, but we are getting a bit tired of the same old thing night after night, warmed up the next day then another one the following night, very grateful to anyone who can help.

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Yes its true! I found "THE CURRY BROS" in the directory http://picardy.angloinfo.com/af/513/picardy-and-nord-pas-de-calais-online-food-and-drink-stores.html Ordered 6 different types of their spice mixes & last evening had the Parampara Butter Chicken. If you order in multiples of 4 the delivery is free. All info is on their website To sum it up in 2 words the Curries are ......." truly delicious" Have a look on their website www.thecurrybros.com & check these guys out, they are extremely curteous, service rated 100% from the ordering process right down to the delivery. My order arrived quickly it was also tracked & I received e mails from Chris & Sam who run the Co to keep me posted of each stage of the order & it happened exactly as they said. FIRST CLASS. I will be ordering again so would highly recommend an excellent product & service to those who enjoy having their taste buds tickled & really miss a good Curry.

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Does any one know if there any business out there which does mobile Fish & Chips? Would be interesting to know.

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Have just seen my plum trees and they are going to be producing an abundance this year, unless anything goes wrong of course! I need recipes for them, I am ok with jam and pies and crumbles, but does anyone know of anything more interesting I can attempt, also I have heard that you can freeze plums without blanching, is this true?

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Anyone got a jaffa cake?? Or know where I can get them, I am near Chantilly

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