Help wanted to honour a soldier

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I am currently writing a book about the exploits of my Father and two uncles who served on the Western Front in World War I. One of my uncles was killed on the first day of the German Spring Offensive on 21st March 1918. He was killed somewhere in the triangle Cerizy, Alaincourt and Moy de-l'Aisne, south of Saint Quentin, and it is my wish to visit the area on the centenary of his death next year and lay a wreath in his memory. As I believe the location to be a piece of woodland which is presumably on private land I need to visit the area this year, locate the landowner, and secure permission from him or her. As I don't speak French I need to find a British expatriate or expatriates living in that area who can help me. Are there any Britons living in that area who might be able to assist? I have tried contacting the Tourist Information Office in Saint Quentin, plus the mayors of the above-mentioned towns and several others in the vicinity to ask for their help, but have had no response.


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