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excellent advice on english hairdressercall 0677398687thank you

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Is there a French chemist (like Boots) that stocks Dermalogica face cleansing creams?

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Is there a practising reflexologist in the Amiens area that speaks a bit of English? Thanks in advance.

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My 93 year old mother with dementia has recently moved into a residential care home near my home in the Pas de Calais. As there are no members of my family still living in UK, we opted for a French care home so that I could visit her regularly. Costs in France are generally quite a bit lower than in UK and I'm told there is quite a community of elderly expats living in residential homes in the Boulogne region, close to the Channel ports. My mother will shortly need her annual eye test (she has glaucoma) and will also need maintenance for her Specsavers hearing aids soon. Does anybody have any experience of visiting Specsavers in say Ashford, or other eye and/or hearing specialists across the Channel for elderly relatives in French care homes? The current waiting time for an appointment to see an eye specialist in my area is 6 - 8 months and I have yet to find a hearing specialist near me.

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Apologies if this is a very basic question which may have been covered before. We are intending to emigrate to Picardy, Nord Pas-de-Calais next year dependent on the sale of our home in Norfolk. We have requested several quotations for Medical Insurance (we assume for top up) that have been incredibly high. We guessed that it might be expensive...but these figures are scary, varying from £900 up to £1500. Is this real??

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We are moving to Saint-Martin-au-Laert/St Omer and need to find a doctor. There are lists and clinics, but if you ask a chemist if they can recommend for a specific illness, we draw a blank! The chemist advised us for Glaucoma, but we need to find someone who specialises in Fibromyalgia, and other related illnesses. Prepared to travel, but a local GP is a must. Also, recently I have had to have home visits for treatment. Do they do these in France? Thanks !

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Has anyone experienced hypnosis as a way of stopping phobias and / or smoking?

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What is your New Years Resolution going to be or don't you bother. Cutting down on the booze ffor me.

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Who do you use and who do you recommend? It's really time we shopped around for a bit of a better deal I think.

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I'm reading a lot about this diet where you eat what you want every day other than 2 days a week where you fast (only have 500 calories on each of the 2 fasting days) Lots of people are saying the feel much better on this diet but I'm a bit wary. Has anyone tried it or know someone who has?  

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can an assurance company not accept you if you have pre exisiting medical conditions or can they exclude certain treatment from the cover?  

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We've always had our eyes tesed when we go back to England and bought glasses whilst there but how do you go about it here and is it likley to cost us a lot more money. We're due an eye test but I dontt' want to go back to england if I dont need to and can save money doing it here. Does health insurance cover them? Sorry for all the questions this morning .  

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We have some unwanted guests http://kerrydwyer.net/2011/10/30/asiatic-hornets/.CheersKelly

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I have an abscess on my wisdom tooth at the back and i've been prescribed antibiotics but does anyone know where i can pick up some oil of cloves. I know the french for cloves (clou de giroffle) but i've never seen the oil anywhere. Mum used to give me clove oil years ago for tootache and it really did the trick if i remember rightly, though it was a very long time ago.

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At the moment, the other half is snoring so loudly I can barely hear the telly, and I'm in the lounge while he's in the bedroom. i have read that people have actually been known to divorce over snoring and I can believe it as I usually wake up exhausted while he wakes up well rested and energetic. Makes me want to smash his smiling face with a pillow. Anyway, sorry for being so annoyed and frustrated and taking it out on this forum. Does anyone have any tips for me? He wont' see a doctor as he is scared he'll be told he needs surgery.

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Since moving to fracne I seem to have put on quite a bit of weight and despite being quite active in the garden and with kids I can't seem to shift it. Anyway, I am now determined to lose at least a stone over the next few months. Anyone else in the same boat. I thought if I wrote things down on the forum then it would keep me really focused on the diet and give me a better chance. I've read a lot about being 'mindfull' when you are eating - being aware of what you are eating and what not. Watch this space for a slimmer healthier Finally Here.

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I've just been to see our insurace company about getting top up insurance and i'm more than a little confused. They offered me 3 different levels but the cheapest says that it covers you to 100%. The more expensive ones cover 150% and 200%. I'm sure this can't be right - does this mean that if I take out the more expensive cover then if I get ill i'm paid for my time whilst ill?

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I live in Chantilly, does anyone know of a Dentist in the area that will cover Crowns and Bridges Thank youSean

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HelloIf anyone would like to contribute to walking guides please would you send me details of looped walks that you have enjoyed. You can post to www.kerrydwyer.net.Thankyou.

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Does anyone know if there is a doctor who can speak English in Desvres, please ?

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