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I am looking for someone to do garden maintenance for me on my french property. A complete overhaul of borders and pond required as well as some clearance work. Approximately 1 acre.  Located in the Somme area near Auxi le Chateau. Please let me know if you are interested and available, subject to discussion regarding terms.Contact here or via telephone 447842597946Malcolm

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just got back home and checking internet, we need to get heating sorted before next months visit. has anyone got a link or information on a Lamborghini SEL boiler, it has 6 knobs or dials on a white panel cabinet is pale blue. underneath is a Unigas Polymatic G4 red unit. on the wall is a dial graduated up to 100 with a plunger under and on opposite wall is a control panel with a couple of fuses and trip switches above a Centratherm E3timer, TE6,BW52T and ZF4 units and underneath a relay and two rocker type switches. I know there may be variations to this installation but a pointer may help warm us in December, thanks

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The facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more experienced gardeners to share advice and tips and what grows sucessfully where in the country.  It would be great to see more members from your area - have a look at fb page GARDENERS IN FRANCE or I have added the link below https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665844080301677/

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We have some young bantam hens that will be ready for a home very soon. Free to a good home. First come first served. These will grow into go laying hens. Located near Dury.

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I want some fast growing trees so want some advice on which to plant. I am making a boundry that needs to be pretty dense and have been advised against Lelandii. Any other suggestions please.

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Is this actually feasible? IE no electricty connection, just solar panels and wind turbines.

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Annoyingly, my fosse needs emptying I think. Where do I begin to start getting this process done?

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Can I have a recommendation for a painter and decorator to do the inside of my house. Probably a couple of days work. Needs to be clean and diligent.

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Calais area 20 steres delivered , please. Welcome good info , thanks. 

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Anyone recommed a tile adhesive that works please that I can buy here in France?

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Best supplier of these please? My matress has all but had it and I want to prolong its life. In the Doullens area please...

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small team of artisans(english speaking) looking for acomodation, farmhouse or countryside. In exchange we repair, maintain,renovate or build extensions. Could also pay a small amount. Long therm, min 1 year. Thank you

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DOes anyone know if the Hive heating control thing works in France?

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Anyone know of a company that supplies and fits an under-sink water filter system?

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Having now bought our house in Bonnieres , Im too old!! to use pump up beds while we tidy it up. can any one reccomend a shop that sells beds and will deliver to Bonnieres 62270. Frevent and Hesdin are nearest biggest towns. would prefer divan style as cheaper slatted base ones seem to break on us in the past :)

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Hello! I have to rennovate parts of a old house in Hesdin.  It will involve flooring, wood beams and external finishes, probably some rising damp treatment.  House soild and well built but needing another round of TLC.  Would welcome recomendations plus responses from interested people.  With thanks, Andrew

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We have just moved To Saint Martin au Laert /St Omer and realised that we would have to attack the hedge.. and we have a lot!! We had previously used this gardener to take down a massive Cyprus tree and he was the cheapest and had worked for the previous owners. We had also discussed credit d'impots for aide ménagere/jardinage. So far so good. The work was done and professionally. Today we happened to talk to a local who warned us to be careful since people might try to take advantage of us and to be on our guard. Not to be too trusting. We have been extremely lucky to date, especially with the guy who did our house renovations, Today we also received ourfirst bill for the hedge trimming, evacuation etc.They charged us €36 per hour per person and there were three! We paid a darn sight less in Brussels!! So, it looks like we have been taken in and been conned! The Nord pas de Calais is not a rich area!   Health reasons mean that we need help with heavy jobs. What do other expats expect to pay as an hourly rate? We are going to pay but need to have an idea first before discussing further. Feedback would be welcome. Thanks:-)   Veronica    

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Does anyone know of any residential park home sites in this region?

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I'd heard that wood fires (open/closed) are going to be banned in France. That would seem odd since grants and rebates are available for having them fitted. Can anyone shed any light on this?

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How do I make my computer go faster? I takes such a long time to load up when I turn it on and when I open Word it takes ages too. It's Windows and quite new so I don't understand the problem.

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