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Quite incredible footage of the meteor that broke up and scattered fragments over russia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=90Omh7_I8vI#!  

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I have to confess to having watched a good deal of tv over Christmas and I've ben astonished by too things: 1. The number of different adverts for online gambling. surely in a society that is supposed to have very little money to spare the last thing that needs encouraging is people getting addicted to gambling. Perhaps i'm being a bit behind the times but is anyone else shocked at this? 2. The number of adverts offering short term loans at massive interest rates. I know that people are finding times difficult but surely encouraging them to get into further debt and at rates up to 2000%apr (i'm sure ive seen) this can't be sensible for the economy of the UK longterm. Are other countries in europe running these kinds of adverts or is it perculiar to the UK tv stations?

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I know mine isn't Rokin Robin. But what's yours?

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Is anyone else watching this. I know it's a bit sad but i'm loving it this year. I already have my favourites and fealt terrible when the young guy who was homeless just couldn't get his self together to perform. I thought he had a lovely voice. The older woma that sounded like Janis Joplin is brilliant and such a powerful voice -I hope she does really well.

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