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Hi,We are dog rescue association and due to problems on the Eurotunnel today we have 16 dogs stuck at Calais. However we can get them on a ferry crossing tonight 20:45 but need 2 people to accompany the driver (5 dogs per person). If you can help then please message me. thanks.Caroline.Association OrfĂ©e.

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We are looking to adopt a dog and prefer to go to one of the animal charities rather than buy a puppy. Any recommendations?

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I am coming to the area on holiday next summer from Spain. I have two spaniels and as we live in Spain they have UK pet passports, up to date rabies and annual vaccinations plus treatments for ticks worms, leishmaniosis and heart worm. Do I need anything special to bring them into France by car? Or is it just travel to UK when I need special arrangements?  Anything else I need to know about or have I got it covered? Thanks in advance!

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I am looking for a dog sitter who takes dogs into their own home, walks them regularly as I have two working dogs that need a lot of exercise. My dogs are well trained but I need a home where you dont have any dogs of your own because I prefer my dogs to be the only ones in the home and no cats as my doggies are prone to chasing them! They are used to being around hens but I prefer no horses. Countryside location preferred. In the Lille area but willing to travel for the right place.

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Can you PLEASE help me. Picur was lost on 10/12/15 on his way from Hungary to his forever home with me in UK. He managed to escape from his transporters in Calais in a car park near 621000 Coquelles, TOTAL Garage near the ferry port, while on a toilet break. He is a small neutered boy who is nervous of people and he needs help!! PLEASE can you share this information far and wide. We have contacted LPA, placed posters and revisited the area with no success. He is chipped and his details are on the European data base. PLEASE help us to find him and get him home safely.

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We need someone to pet sit our small dog whilst we go to a commemorative event near Albert. Does anybody please know someone who does this, It will only be for a few hours.

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Does anybody know where we can find  accomodation for two horses on an overnight stop within about 1 hour of Calais. We will be on a journey to Lot et Garonne. Many thanks.

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Does anyone keep goats? What recommendations would you give to someone thinking about starting to keep a few for the milk? What are the (many, I'm sure) pitfalls?

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We are taking our four, medium-sized dogs back to the UK from the Dordogne in November. The journey, allowing for breaks every couple of hours, is too long to 'do' in one day. We're planning to stay overnight somewhere near Beauvais and are looking for either a hotel/B&B that has separate kennels for dogs (too many to take into the hotel room) or alternatively a kennels that can take care of them overnight whilst we get some rest. Can anyone suggest a suitable venue?

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Hello, Can you help us please? We are seeking to find a temporary placement of 3 months for our 2 cats, a mother and her "baby"...althought the mother is 13 years old and her baby 7 years old !! We have had both cats here in France for 7 years, however, we have to return to the UK at the end of THIS month for a 3 month period for work commitments, and are unable to take the cats with us.  They are both house trained, the mother cat likes to sleep alot, the younger one is active and a good mouser.  BOTH CATS DO NOT get on with DOGS, so a family with dogs won't work.   We are of course offering payment and food for that period of time, if you can help, please do contact me, we are looking for the placement to start at the end of this month. Thank you very much, Teena.

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We are searching for a home for a 13 year old labrador Tom, the owner is french but is going into hospital. maybe final. The rest of the family are not dog lovers and would have Tom put down. There does not seem many choices for him, can anyone help please? thank you

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young male blue/grey merle shetland (sheltie) sheepdog (like small lassie dog) gone missing at the first service stn french side of Channel Tunnel Calais, his name is Ricky he's 12 mnths old, a little nervous went missing at 7am yesterday 11/06/15  he is microchipped etc.  Owners are out of their minds with worry.  He has been reported missing on www.chien-perdu.org if seen you can contact me on 02 43 08 67 13 or UK moble 07580538771 Also would anyone have the local SPA animal refuge shelter telephone number for the Calais area please?  Or Local Vet in that area? Thank you for your time.  

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I am looking for 2 sheep to help keep the grass and weeds down in my meadow. I am also thinking of dwarf goats. Can anyone suggest where I can buy these or has anyone got some I can adopt? i have been told mouton de ouessant are a good choice but all the ads seem to be from farms in the south! 

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Hi, is it just me or is anybody else feeling we are being "used", "abused" and "taken for a ride" with Cannel crossing charges for our pets? I can book a car with up to 9 people in it on a channel crossing for as litle as £63 rtn., but put one dog in the car and they want another £30. For what, the dog stays in the car, it is easily identified by a micro chip, no trying to match up an old photo to a dishevelled face like my passport, I get cafe, toilets, rest ares at the port, duty free shops, musak, lounges with comfy chairs etc on board while the poor old dog has to sit down in the car deck locked in the car. Doesn't seem fair to me, even with five people in the car that's only £12.60 each, with all those facilities for our comfort and the poor old dog, or cat, is charged £30 with nothing laid on.. no it doesn't seem fair to me. Now it is not DEFRA who charge the fee, I've checked, it is solely down to the channel crossing companies. Why? Is the answer just greed and "because they can?" and is there anything we can do about getting a better deal?

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We are currently living in France but need to return to Ireland on Wednesday unexpectantly for about a month.  We have a house trained female cat (14 years old) and we are looking for somebody who could care for her in their home.  We will provide all food and litter and can pay a small "carers" fee.   If you can help please contact us on...  07 87 70 85 39  Thanks

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It's obviously very cold out so spare a thought for the garden birds and put out some fat-balls and some water for them.

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Hi, I live quite a bit further south and need some help please.  I have family coming over in August to travel around the north with their family and pet dog. Can anyone recommend an english speaking vet within a days drive from the EuroTunnel, so they can get the necessary treatment before going back. Many thanks.

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Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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A new Facebook group has been formed to bring together animal lovers who would like to help out at their local animal refuge. If you already volunteer for your SPA, or are interested in helping by walking the dogs or cuddling cats in your local refuge or by collecting and delivering much needed food and bedding, please join us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ We plan to develop the network and there will be a website in the New Year with lots of information about volunteering, fostering and where you can make a difference, so if you don't use facebook but are interested in being involved, please get in touch, letting us know how you'd like to help.

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