Neutered female cat needs new home

Posted by: Carole.H-96729 · 1563024745


2 years ago the owner of this cat died and the wife had to return to the uk to a nursing home due to dementia so I took her in to try to find her a home.

Over the 2 years I have tried occaisionaly to rehome her but with no luck, everyone seems to want kittens.  Now I have sold and it would be very difficult to take her with us as we 3 dogs and 2 cats of our own already.

She is about 6 years old, maybe 7 and is sterilised.  She is very healthy and likes her friskies dried food, so cheap to feed.  She gets on great with my 3 dogs and is non agressive to my 2 cats, even though they are agressive to her, she just walks she might get on with another cat, if they are alright with her....she will not fight!

She is very friendly and would make a very good companion.....I would hate to have to take her to a refuse as she is older and I dont think she would be picked.....

Please ask around to see if anyone you know would like a very friendly, clean cat....

I am in south 17 near Mirambeau but would travel to meet halfway if you are a long way off.....