Katherine Tillotson - Back Care & Wellness Clinic

Physical Therapist - Kinesiologist - Holistic Aromatherapist - Instructor/Advisor of Exercise and Lifestyle - Reiki Practitioner - Teacher of Adult Education in Natural Medicine.

Membership of the A.T.M.S  is available only to practioners who have carried out formal training in  A.T.M.S affiliated colleges/institutes and ensures the highest standards of care and ethics.    Katherine specialises in holistic care – seeking out the root causes  of physical pain to ensure full recovery and offers a sympathetic approach.  Her diplomas all carry international recognition and she has enjoyed a career spanning over 32 years



Treatments for:


Fibrositis – stiff neck – frozen shoulder – occipital tension – strained joints – trapped nerve - repetitive strain injury – spinal misalignment – lower back pain – sciatica, problems associated with slipped disc –  postural problems arising from deep muscular tension  etc.


Remedial and Advanced Neuromuscular Massage


Specialised treatments for deep-seated muscular problems involving pain, inflammation and restriction of movement and where necessary,  re-energising both muscular tissue and organs of the body that have become affected by long-term trauma. Post recovery treatments  include gentle but highly effective stretching/mobility exercises  to assist fast recovery and  regain freedom of movement and flexibility where it has been lost.


One hour appointments: 50 euros.         Discounts available for long-term treatment

Holistic Aromatherapy



Holistic aromatherapy involves the application of essential oils to aid minor health or stress related disorders. A deeply relaxing, truly holistic treatment performed with sensitivity and gentle, loving care. Treatments can also assist recovery from health problems that have required medical attention but with the approval of a doctor.


By using totally pure essential oils of the highest quality, a state of balance is brought about in  both mind and body, creating a wonderful sense of well-being. Where problems arise from stress, special attention is paid to the head and neck area involving a combination of both deep and light pressure to promote relaxation of the muscles concerned.


Treatments for:


Stress related conditions: 


Stress – anxiety – irritability – agitation – nervousness – insomnia – fatigue – headaches depression – migraine – dizziness - restriction of neck movement - poor concentration - mental exhaustion – stress related asthma.


Minor health problems:


Include: Arthritis, asthma, cellulitis, arteriosclerosis, high/low blood pressure, cystitis, digestive problems, heart palpitations, menstrual problems etc.



Essential Oil blends available to assist recovery.


Price: 1 hour’s treatment: 50 euros







Friendly informal workshops lasting 1 – 2 hours.


Price: 25 euros - based on minimum attendance of 3 people.  Refreshments provided.


Please contact Katherine if you are interested. Dates to be confirmed


Please note that Reiki healing is provided during treatments where necessary – not as an individual treatment.