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Making French banking easier. Assistance opening a current or a joint account. Offering banking services; mortgage information and English application form, on line banking, insurance for family, home and vehicle and exciting savings accounts.
La Poste Financial Services
It operates Frances largest financial services network. Current account to savings products, payment cards, internet-based account management. To learn more about their services, visit their website or make an appointment through your local post office.
Credit Agricole - Villebois Lavalette
Bank located at 26, avenue des Maisons Blanches, Villebois Lavalette (16).
Banque Populaire Centre Atlantique - Pons
Bank branch located at 15, rue Emile Combes, Pons (17). Contact: Muriel Leger
HSBC - Cognac
Branch of the nationwide chain based at 12, Place dArmes, Cognac (16). For personal and business accounts, loans, insurance, mortgages and all banking services.
CIC - Jarnac
Bank at 8, rue de Conde, Jarnac (16). Some English spoken. Contact: Dominique Texier
HSBC - Angouleme
Branch located at 12, Avenue Georges Clemenceau, Angouleme (16). Also offer financial advice, loans and mortgages.
Barclays Bank - Saintes
Branch of the British bank located at 7, rue St-Pierre Saintes (17) serving the Poitou Charentes region. All the staff are bi-lingual. Open from Tuesday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. Closed Mondays.
HSBC - Royan
Branch of the nationwide chain located at: 106 rue Gambetta, Royan (17). Also, offering loans, mortgages and financial advice. Contact: Mr. Hurteraud
Barclays Bank - Bordeaux
Based at 4, Rue Esprit des Lois, Bordeaux they offer full banking services including ordinary and savings accounts, loans and investments. Contact: Daniel Parker
Barclays Bank - La Rochelle
Branch of Barclays located at 25, rue Villeneuve, La Rochelle (17).
Credit Foncier
Specialised bank offering finance and advice for property purchases in France.
HSBC - La Rochelle
Branch of the nationwide chain located at, 30 place de Verdun La Rochelle (17). Offer all banking services, loans, mortgages and insurance.
Banque Populaire Centre Atlantique
Banking services offered across Charente and Charente-Maritime.
Banque Populaire Centre Atlantique - Saintes
Branch of this bank based at 35, Cours National, Saintes (17). Contact: Sebastien Bonetti
Banque Tarneaud
The main branch of this bank in Poitou Charentes is based at 39 place du Marechal Leclerc, Poitiers (86).
Credit Agricole - Charente Perigord
Credit Agricole Charente-Perigord. English speaking section of this bank based at Soyeau Charente (16) near Angouleme. Contact Charlotte Sephton
AXA Banque
Complete range of banking and financial services. Current and savings accounts. Investments, loans and mortgages. All services in English. At 11, Place Cail, Chef-Boutonne, Deux Sevres (79)
HSBC - Barbezieux
Branch of the nationwide chain located at 36 Boulevard Gambetta, Barbezieux St-Hilaire (16). Also offer loans, mortgages and financial advice.
HSBC Offshore
An offshore current bank account for day-to-day banking provides international money transfers, cheque book, debit card and regular payments. 24-hour phone service and Internet banking.
HSBC - Poitiers
Branch of the nationwide chain located at 5 place du Marechal Leclerc, Poitiers (86). Offer all banking services, loans, mortgages, insurance and financial advice.