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Showcase Star
French Avocat practising since 2003. Member of the Law Society and enrolled as a Solicitor of England and Wales. Expert in all English and French law matters. For advice, consultations and assistance in English. Office open 9am/6pm French time.
Showcase Star
Practice mainly Family/Property/Civil/Criminal Law. Max is perfectly bilingual (graduated in High-School in USA and worked in a Law Firm in Toronto-CANADA). Helps all English speaking clients, anywhere in the world, to solve their litigation in France.
SCP Proust-Dallet
Notaires at 79 Avenue de Korb, 16230 Mansle. Contacts, Helena Riffaud, Claire Rousseau or Lucy Moran. 
Pierre Lefort
Notaire located at 6 Place Comedie, Niort (79).
Cabinet dAvocats Leloup
Law firm based in Saint Benoit (86) offering civil, property, international, commercial and contract law. English spoken
Me Jean-Marc Boizard
Cabinet Boizard-Trespaille SCP: Criminial, civil, family, insurance, commercial, social, contract, inheritance law and real estate. Belongs to Avocatlantique: group of 20 legal practitioners in Vendee. At 5 rue Thiers, BP 180, Niort.
Me Isabelle Loubeyre
Family, civil, property, commercial, insurance, company, contract law. Speaks fluent English. Based at 5 Rue des Cordeliers. BP 399, 86010 Poitiers Cedex.
Maitre Gerard Fillon, Notaire
Situated at 1, Place du Marche, Lezay (79). Contact: Nadira Djabali
Valerie Danton Ferrant
Notaire located at 1 rue St-Amande, St-Agneau (16).
Me Jean Rivet
Criminal, family, inheritance, company, contract, arbitration, social legislation, civil and commercial law. English spoken. Based at 4 ave Georges Clemenceau, Angouleme (16).
SCP Laurent Perillaud and Fabrice Geoffroy
English speaking notaires specialising in family, building, inheritance and contract law. Located at 8 rue Raoul Hediart, Ruffec (16).
Notaires de France
Website of the national body of notaires. Has comprehensive guidelines on the activities and responsabilities of notaires, some practical information and a searchable database to find local English-speaking notaires - Click on "find a notaire".
France Legal
French legal services and advice for buying and selling property. Also include solutions to French inheritance problems, tax liability, wills, marriage contracts, probate.
Me Philippe Misserey
Civil, international, company, arbitration and contract law. Located at 61 Rue Theophraste Renaudot, Poitiers (86).
Alexandre Desautel
Notaire located at 9, Pl Champ Foire, Aubeterre-sur-Dronne (16).
SCP Raffault Chevrier Favreau
Notaires located at 39, rue Andre Brigerolle, Matha (17).
Maxime Prestat and Remi Vailleau - Notaires
Notaire firm based at 6, rue des Seillon, Chef Boutonne (79).
My law firm is based in BORDEAUX. I am competent in the area of administrative law, urbanism issues, building and property issues. I can also help you in any problem you could face from your neighbors, the administration or a company. 
Me Chantal Rousseau & Me J-P Bourdeau
Social legislation, commercial law. At 30 Rue Reaumur, BP 1034, La Rochelle (17).
SCP Sarrailh, Chenard, Biais & Belloche
Notaires practice located at 4, rue du Bois dAmour in Saintes (17). English speaking notaires specialising in family, building, inheritance and contract law. Contacts: Michael Sarrailh, Jean-Paul Biais and Jean-Paul Belloche
M Gregory Antoine
Penal, civil, family, property, social, contract, inheritance, insurance, insurance and commercial law. Situated at 5 Bd Berthelot, Angouleme (16).
Annie Poirier-Aroul
Notaire located at 2 rue Ailement Guyonnet, Civray (86).
Me Jean-Michel Camus
Penal, civil, family, international, social, commercial, insurance, real estate, contract and inheritance law. Speaks English fluently. At 14 Place Henri Dunant, Angouleme (16).
Vincent Roullet
Notaire located at 8, rue Allee aux Moines, Verruyes (79).
Sonia Aimard Loubere
Avocat located at 12, place St-Pierre, Angouleme (16). Also with an office at 34, rue Faubourg la Souche, La Rochefoucauld (16).