Online & Distance Therapy Services

Poitou Charentes Online Therapists & Distance Therapy Services in Poitou Charentes.

Jessica Soira
Psychologist and hypnotherapist offers consultations online, by phone and face to face. Based in Poitiers.
Ms. Grihom Marie-José
Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults, adolescents and children. Online counselling.
Pierre Cherprenet
Psychopractor, hypnotherapist and certified coach offers online and in person counselling.
Mélanie Mahfoudi
Psychological support, cognitive & behavioural therapy and supportive therapy. Online counselling also available.
Alexandra Fortin
Clinical psychologist works with children, adolescents and adults. Online counselling.
Pierre Styblinski
Clinical psychologist working with adults, children and adolescents dealing with mental health issues. Face to face and tele consultations.
Sophie Ayraud
Psychologist and counsellor specialising in working with children, adolescents and young adults. Offers online consultations for age 15 years and above.
Julie Klimmek
Psychologist specialising in neuropsychology. Offers home visits as well. 
Lise Laffontas
Psychotherapy, neuropsychology and sophrology practice based in Poitiers. Tele counselling also available.
Laurence Guillot Noel
Art therapy for adults, young adults, teenagers and children dealing with psycho-emotional disorders, physical pain and relationship difficulties. Offers face to face and remote consultations.