Property Search & House Hunters

Zena Sabestini
Agent commercial based in Vienne, specializes in a wide range of properties.
Suzanne Barry
Property agent based at Bernac, Charente.
Poitou Property Services
Property finding service based near Parthenay and covering Deux Sevres and Vienne. Contact Val and Andy Walmsley.
Property Sales in France
Property sales agent based in Val D'Oire et Gartempe. Contact Cathe Bower.
Frances Wedge
Agent Commercial offering a range of property for sale around Blanzay, Vienne.
Charente Immobilier
Estate agents offering property across the Charente. Contact: Matthew Berry or Charles York-Miller.
Debra Bush
Commercial estate agent specializes in a wide range of properties.
Trina Summerfield
Estate agent offers a wide range of properties for sale and rent.
Della Cole
Property Agent based at Chaunay Vienne.
Actous Immobilier
Estate Agent based in Villefagnan with a range of properties in the surrounding area. Contact Joan Jenkins.
France based web portal for pricing properties
Graham Rees
Property agent based in St-Mary, Charente.
Alison Richardson
Agent Commercial based at Sommiers-du-Clain, Vienne. Working across Vienne, Charente and Deux-Sevres.
Dave Crook
Agent commercial based in St Jean D'Angely, Charente-Maritime. Offering properties in town and surrounding areas.
Michelle Barlow
Property search and house hunter based in Deux-sevres, provides a wide range of properties.
Cathy Temple
Offers a wide range of real estate properties in various locations that include St Jean D'Angely, Aulnay and Nere.
TIC Immobilier
Estate Agency based in Ruffec, Charente offering properties in the North Charente, Southern Deux Sevres and South Vienne. Bilingual team offering assistance whether buying or selling.
J & S Immo
Houses, land, commercial properties, castles and a range of other properties offered.