Property Search & House Hunters

Louis des Preaux
Independant Agent based at Plassac (17).
Tony Murless
Local Property Agent working at Cozes (17).
Graham Rees
Property agent based in St-Mary (16).
Janet Beament
Property finder working as an Agent Commercial based in Chabanais (16).
Avril Charlton
Property agent working within a 30 kilometer radius of Chef Boutonne.
David Crook
Agent commercial based in St Jean DAngely, Charente-Maritime (17). Offering properties in town and surrounding areas.
SCP Michel - Haza
Notaire located in Chazelles (16) offering a range of properties in the area.
Della Cole
Property Agent based at Chaunay (86) Vienne.
Poitou Property Services
Property finding service based near Parthenay (79) and covering Deux Sevres and Vienne. Contact Val and Andy Walmsley.
Francis Wedge
Agent Commercial working for Leggett Immobilier offering a range of property for sale around Blanzay Vienne (86).
Suzanne Barry
Property agent based at Bernac (16).
France based web portal for pricing properties
Lois Ward Price
Property finder based at Bors de Montmoreau (16).
Toby Hawkins
Agent Commercial based at Bouresse (86) and also covering the Charente.
Crofts Immobilier
Property finding agent based in Neuil (79). Contact, Christine Croft.
Alison Richardson
Agent Commercial based at Sommiers-du-Clain, Vienne (86). Working across Vienne, Charente and Deux-Sevres.
Victoria Green
Commercial agent dealing with the sale and purchase of properties in the Vienne and surrounding areas. Based near Vivonne, Vienne (86).
Property Sales in France
Property sales agent at Plaisance (86). Contact Cathe Bower.
Anne Peeks
Property search and house hunter working in the north west, and coastal areas of Charente Maritime, based near La Rochelle (17) Contact Anne Peeks
Agent Commercial Immobilier
Agent commercial based in Amailloux, Deux Sevres (79). Working for Abordimmo estate agency and looking for properties in the Charante Maritime, dept 17. Contact Yiannis Morfakis
Roger Titchener
Property agent based in Dampierre-sur-Boutonne (17) Charente Maritime and working for Selection Habitat. 
Beverley Hughes
Agent commercial based in Chabanais, Charente (16). Offering properties in Charente, Haute Vienne and Vienne.
Vicky Meddows-Smith
Property agent based in Jarnac (16).
Sandra Dolley
Property and house hunter working as an Agent Commercial with listings in Charente, in and around La Rochefoucauld (16) Contact Sandra Dolley
Duncan White
Independent Agent Commercial based in Gourge (79) with properties for French and international buyers.