Walking, Hiking & Climbing

The Chapel of St-Laurent Crosses circuit
An insight into the towns history through its religious inheritance. Nowadays, 26 crosses still stand in various locations within the town. Most of them are located at the "crossing point" of ancient trails.
The Beaver Trail
A 100 Km loop on foot, on bike or on horseback. The Boivre(which once meant the "beaver river") runs west-east , from Vasles to Poitiers, before flowing into the Clain. Many hiking trails in the area . Opportunity to admire the sites beauty.
The Kings of England Route
From Niort to Thouars, the historical route of Kings of England. This route which crosses the Deux Sevres department from North to South joins the main fortresses built by the Plantagenet, Kings of England at the end of the 12th century.
La Gatinelle
It is a trail intended for the visitors and inhabitants of St Martin du Fouilloux, who follow it to find a little of their own history along its streets and footpaths. The trail forms a 6 Km loop, a pleasant path to saunter along, on foot or on bike.
The Tales of Granite
Come and listen to the tales of this little Gatine town, which was once humming with activity. Located on the riverbank of the Yonne, La Pagerie nowadays disclose its discrete charms to visitors. A 3 Km long marked course welcomes walkers for a 1H30 trek
Interpretive trail of La Faziliere
This ancient basket makers town once housed as much as 300 inhabitants. Nowadays, an interpretive trail passing through the village revives the process of basket making. Chestnut tree coppices, soaking room, oven and workshop are visible along the course.
The St Pardoux Granite Cross Circuit
Ramblers hiking along the Gatine trails will be surprised by the impressive number of stone crosses they encounter in the countryside. These indeed stand at crossroads, along pathways and in cemetaries. They hear witness to the fervour of past generations
Feel Nature
Les Forges Leisure Centre situated in Taize-Aizie, Charente (16). Offering canoeing and kayak, tree climbing, paddle board rental and workshops. Contact Philippe Largeau
Sporting training offered for groups or individuals including Nordic walking and climbing. At Chaniers (17). Contact: Corinne Hoff