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Worst fosse smell evef 6 General
Hi we have had this problem before and got rid of it  but the smell at the moment is terrible......never like
started by: dodderyoldman · last update: 1519210331 · posted: 1519012389
DPE 3 Home & Garden
Our diagnostic has just expired. Can anyone recommend a good cheap firm for a new one please
started by: Nelson1805 · last update: 1519197155 · posted: 1519048297
Super U Loyalty Card 15 Food & Drink
Morning, I have had a Super U loyalty card for 12 months and I just wondered if someone could tell me how do I red
started by: Dwain Pipe-576120 · last update: 1519161936 · posted: 1333283110
Carte de Sejour 21 General
Surprisingly searching here for 'Carte de Sejour' gives '0' results - but surely somebody must be discussing this a
started by: chasingthedream · last update: 1519148763 · posted: 1519068068
Changing driving license to French 12 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Posted all the forms  in Oct 2017 still waiting ! Does anyone else having this problem !
started by: Michael16 · last update: 1519145330 · posted: 1517474955
Private mail message 1 General
Can anyone tell me how to send a private mail to someone who has answered my postingRegards
started by: brightonbell · last update: 1519140701 · posted: 1519139655
Soft back English books 3 General
I have around 100 soft back novels all in good condition. Is anyone interested in them before I dispose of them.St
started by: brightonbell · last update: 1519129702 · posted: 1519119885
DRIVING LICENCES 0 Financial & Legal
started by: Michael16 · last update: 1519114996 · posted: 1519114996
Anyone selling a dressing table? 0 Home & Garden
Hi everyone, I’m looking for a dressing table. Doesn’t need to have a mirror as I have one already. Just lookin
started by: donnajohn · last update: 1519069435 · posted: 1519069435
Estate agents 1 General
Any estate agents out there fancy having a crack at selling my house between Sauze Vaussais an Lezay please e- mail
started by: ric-567574 · last update: 1519068735 · posted: 1519060253
Concrete floor 4 General
We are looking for someone to replace/ lay a new concrete floor in preparation for making a new bathroom. Can anyon
started by: NUSHUS · last update: 1519035164 · posted: 1518962150
Bee Keeping 2 Pets & Animals
I am thinking about taking up bee keeping on a small scale, for my own personal consumption of the honey!!Is there
started by: stuwil · last update: 1519031770 · posted: 1518959852
Car Hire - with different pick up and drop... 2 General
Can anyone recommend cheap car hire for pick up at La Rochelle airport and drop off at Bergerac airport 2 weeks lat
started by: Cleo018 · last update: 1519026681 · posted: 1518887952
Getting from La Rochelle airport to city... 3 General
I am staying in La Rochelle by the old port, flying into La Rochelle airport. What is the best way to get there? Is
started by: Trix018 · last update: 1519026570 · posted: 1518887476
Sherry 12 Food & Drink
Hi all, can anyone please advise if any of the supermarkets sell Sherry. Many thanks
started by: gblackford · last update: 1518960041 · posted: 1518815928
Clock repairs 3 General
I am looking for a person who can repair an old mantle clock. It is working but is completely mixed up, in that it
started by: stuwil · last update: 1518959170 · posted: 1516712856
Telephone 4 Home & Garden
Hi,  , I need to buy a new telephone  and filter , nothing overly expensive . When i am over there,
started by: misterbee-550081 · last update: 1518936663 · posted: 1518906190
Adieu AI? 11 General
This is what is being reported elsewhere -
started by: Dennis-Diogenes-901492 · last update: 1518890350 · posted: 1518690603
Organic food truck 1 General
Does anyone know of anyone with a food truck ,organic food?? Please pm.
started by: bruno56-557588 · last update: 1518881149 · posted: 1518880921
Falcon cooker 0 Home & Garden
there has been various postings about theses cookers where to buy or whether to bring them over from the UK, well i
started by: ian -Kinzett-893978 · last update: 1518849103 · posted: 1518849103