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Broyeur / Mulcher shopping 2 Home & Garden
Hi, Looking to buy a BOSCH Broyeur (Mulcher). Does anyone have any tips on places where I might get one of these...
started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1474871144 · posted: 1474829099
planning and architect submission 9 General
I am buying a old house for total renovation, and although under 170m2, therefore not needing a architect, the h...
started by: kit-548351 · last update: 1474870326 · posted: 1474457750
Motorhome accessories 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Is there a supplier of motorhome accessories in the region that anyone could recommend. In particular I am after...
started by: PoorbutHappy · last update: 1474834842 · posted: 1474824109
Re register 7 Cars, Bikes & Driving
What paperwork do you need to register a Motorhome in france
started by: Ralph123 · last update: 1474826068 · posted: 1474273369
Chambre d'hôte or hotel Pons 2 General
Looking for a room for my mother and I as well as a small dog for tomorrow near Pons as our horse lorry is In th...
started by: Ally · last update: 1474786120 · posted: 1474372801
Bedding (cotton not pansies) 8 Home & Garden
Can anyone give a steer on a good french store to buy sheets, duvet covets etc please? 
started by: Allen61 · last update: 1474777660 · posted: 1474306968
Help?? 4 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone tell me if there is any craft stores, similar to Hobby Craft, around Confolens, please?????
started by: Jenny-Griffiths-865783 · last update: 1474669156 · posted: 1474636251
UK Free to Air tv ... Humax Freesat Box 17 General
I tried to search the Discussion Forums for help but, strangely, every post which came up was at least 2 years o...
started by: Interested-976081 · last update: 1474668083 · posted: 1473965071
Volunteer work 3 General
Hello, I am bored and looking for something to keep me occupied during the week. I am a 20 year old girl. I have...
started by: lizzieloo · last update: 1474627880 · posted: 1474466350
Electricity add on charges 23 General
I am having a bit of a run in with my electricity company, Seolis. My recent bill for consumption fo...
started by: gooseberry fools · last update: 1474579201 · posted: 1474448025
Walking Football 0 Sport & Leisure
Having received no response the last time I'll try again and hope this time there is some interest!
started by: Ted-Sellwood · last update: 1474572575 · posted: 1474572575
logburner installer 0 General
Hi,We`re looking for a devis for a logburner to be fitted at out house near Jonzac.Recommendations...
started by: jon mon-631802 · last update: 1474552132 · posted: 1474552132
Photos in Classified duplicated and in w... 1 AngloINFO Support
Dear AdminI've just placed a classified advert on your site for a vehicle for sale. The photos have come ...
started by: · last update: 1474544642 · posted: 1474484018
Angouleme Library 0 Entertainment
The new library, L'Alpha, in Angouleme has a good range of novels in English.  It is free to join, providin...
started by: Patricia Evans-543206 · last update: 1474541403 · posted: 1474541403
Taxis At Pons! 3 General
We are trying to get a taxi from Pons to mazerolles were my lorry is In the garage but there does not seem to be...
started by: Ally · last update: 1474532806 · posted: 1474529310
Satnavs 12 General
I'm getting ads from Amazon for satnavs, all well under £40 as opposed to £140 . They have high specs - 7" to...
started by: rollerboy · last update: 1474530422 · posted: 1474443111
Kindle 17 Entertainment
I am going to buy a Kindle but when I look on Amazon UK or Amazon France, I am getting a message saying that Kin...
started by: Patricia Evans-543206 · last update: 1474479586 · posted: 1474055194
Incorrect goods from Amazon 3 General
started by: Harland-575097 · last update: 1474465817 · posted: 1474461996
Ruffec rugby Tickets 0 General
Ruffec rugby do i need ticketsPlanning to go and watch Ruffec Rugby this first time. Do...
started by: Contractor man · last update: 1474462608 · posted: 1474462608
Incorrect goods from Amamzon 0 General
I have received 3 DVD's from Amazon which I never ordered - BUT I did order 3 books.  Has anyone re...
started by: Harland-575097 · last update: 1474462164 · posted: 1474462164
Recommendations for a GP nr Saintes 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Can anyone recommend a good GP in the Saintes area - ideally in Les Gonds or Chaniers?  English-s...
started by: Claire-Rivers-870173 · last update: 1474448688 · posted: 1474448688
Moving a car to the UK. 0 General
Thank you to those who replied to my previous ad. Cant retrieve your replies and suggestions! As it was a little...
started by: christinabee-573574 · last update: 1474398253 · posted: 1474398253
watercolour painting class 0 Sport & Leisure
The new Watercolour Painting Class's are starting again, in St Pierre de Maillé 86260. A week on Thursday, 10-1...
started by: NVW · last update: 1474386809 · posted: 1474386809
Curtain Making 0 General
Has anyone had curtains made and pleased with the result? Civray/Ruffec area. Any recommendations please....
started by: Puffer-10056427 · last update: 1474357871 · posted: 1474357871
Question about self-employment 10 General
Hi all,Are you allowed to register self employed under two different categories?
started by: Ellisdan88 · last update: 1474314530 · posted: 1474109847
how can someone do the required artisan ... 22 Financial & Legal
A neighbour has been told he must do the required Artisan course in order to gain his SIRET number as a builder....
started by: Beth2459 · last update: 1474314177 · posted: 1474047417
Additives to stabilise equestrian sand a... 1 General
Initial' y before I go ahead would there be a demand for either fibre or flex track type rubber to add to sand&n...
started by: Ally · last update: 1474313617 · posted: 1474267604
Mobile phone assistance required 9 General
We have been given a  three  year old Samsung Galaxy S3 phone without instructions and still locked. ...
started by: sunflowerlovers · last update: 1474285434 · posted: 1473871254
Flying from Manchester tomorrow 20th Sep... 0 General
Hi is anyone flying from Manchester to Limoges tomorrow or have friends /family on the flight ? My mother in law...
started by: frogger-501117 · last update: 1474276545 · posted: 1474276545
E-book publishing 4 General
Hi - has anyone any experience or advice about publishing an e-book from here in France?  Which is the best...
started by: lillian-564885 · last update: 1474267089 · posted: 1474181151
Angouleme car rally tomorrow 4 Entertainment
started by: robphil-544059 · last update: 1474235970 · posted: 1474043502
Tiled Plunge Pool 0 Home & Garden
Looking for a company that would install a tiled plunge pool (approx 3.25m x 5.5m in South Deux Sevres. Not inte...
started by: Suzanne Salmon · last update: 1474223143 · posted: 1474223143
Mark item as SOLD ? How ? 1 AngloINFO Support
Is there a way of marking a Classified (one of mine) as SOLD? 
started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1474211262 · posted: 1474190375
Orange English Helpline 2 General
Has anyone got the Orange English Helpline telephone number.  Cannot see anything in search.
started by: Dickyticker-577296 · last update: 1474204889 · posted: 1474197865
Badminton - where can you play? 0 Sport & Leisure
We are looking for a badminton court where we can play once or twice a week through the autumn and winter months...
started by: kkrs.major · last update: 1474200927 · posted: 1474200927
scooter enthusiasts 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I currently own a VESPA  125  2002 model, and am looking for any other like minded retired 'Mod'
started by: dixon-962117 · last update: 1474196945 · posted: 1474196945
B&B La Rochelle 2 General
Does anyone know a good B&B within walking distance to the rugby ground(stade Rochelais) in La Rochelle....
started by: maryb-560730 · last update: 1474137229 · posted: 1474096408
NEW S1 11 General
Hi I will be 65 in December so I am just filing in my UK pension application forms all done now but no mention a...
started by: kirky-954642 · last update: 1474123422 · posted: 1473950231
Ordering/returning items from abroad 4 General
In a moment of utter madness I ordered a watch from an ad on FB, and paid for it via PayPal.  The item even...
started by: Just Pam · last update: 1474113719 · posted: 1474095569
Air conditioning 4 Home & Garden
Feeling extremely frustrated today!  Just drove one & half hours to Bricodepot after checking on line t...
started by: The Grocer · last update: 1474096501 · posted: 1473868386
paraffin 5 Home & Garden
i have just bought a new electric paraffin heater from Le Clerc, I asked if they have the containers of paraffin...
started by: micksalter · last update: 1474051022 · posted: 1474042588
lift required 0 General
hi lift required 22nd september poitiers airport arrives 16.50 from edinburgh 2 persons small cases sauze vaussi...
started by: elaine-saray-868925 · last update: 1474031833 · posted: 1474031833
Pumpe Chaleur 4 Home & Garden
Has anyone used someone or knows someone who can fit a pumpe chaleur system. It is just to fit not supply.
started by: eastender-918138 · last update: 1474014412 · posted: 1473865669
lift required 2 General
Hi anyone arriving poitiers airport  22nd august from Edinburgh with a couple spare seat going sauze vaussa...
started by: elaine-saray-868925 · last update: 1474008465 · posted: 1473941936
pool de- commissionung 2 Home & Garden
we have a pool which has a liner which is very old and a new one has been quoted as eu5000 fitted. Since we have...
started by: emmajack14 · last update: 1473966502 · posted: 1473915793
Domestic Tax Demands 5 Home & Garden
As yet, I've seen nothing re a demande for either Taxe Habitation or Tax Fonciere this year in Deux Sevres.
started by: Robert-McClair-869712 · last update: 1473954582 · posted: 1473947646
Taxe d'habitation H1 form why have i rec... 3 General
I have lived in France for 16 years, Paid all my taxes, declared everything. Then last week received an H1 form ...
started by: Trix018 · last update: 1473924743 · posted: 1473890119
Fire wood 1 Home & Garden
Will do clean up for fire wood. I know your wood probably disappeared between singing and occupation, but if any...
started by: Potvincan · last update: 1473865352 · posted: 1473865220
Dentist English speaking. 0 General
I am looking for an English speaking dentist near to Availles Limouzine Dept.86 La Vienne.In the area of Confole...
started by: yousaiditwasvarnished · last update: 1473861292 · posted: 1473861292
under floor heating 0 Home & Garden
started by: dod · last update: 1473855520 · posted: 1473855520