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Buying plants wholesale 20 Home & Garden Started by: Maradardi Mama-541213 · Updated: 1591430776 · Created: 1269295304
Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy plants wholesale? I need at least 60 rosemary and lavender plants. I am
Bees between shutters and window. 60 Pets & Animals Started by: Chris Luck-545006 · Updated: 1591296566 · Created: 1373807254
If you or anyone you know has a honey bee colony between their window and shutters please consider having it removed "al
Soregies Fr 1 General Started by: JAMES-Ramsey-962717 · Updated: 1591274544 · Created: 1591261619
We became CORONA VIRUS locked down when we were in the UK We have a home in Vienne and in London and were caught in UK.
Garden nurseries in Aubeterre area 103 Home & Garden Started by: Louise & Gary-576730 · Updated: 1591263812 · Created: 1331398601
We will be shortly moving to a new house with a large plot which needs to be turned into a garden. Can anybody recco
Logs and Recycling 7 General Started by: JohnP1470 · Updated: 1591172703 · Created: 1140267359
We have recently returned from our first visit to our holiday home in the Vienne. Does anyone know where we can buy a su
Poolside paving slabs 0 Home & Garden Started by: Tom-Morrow-962587 · Updated: 1591131530 · Created: 1591131530
Can anyone recommend a poolside paving slab provider near poitiers
Wanted 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: floxflox · Updated: 1591032104 · Created: 1581023769
I need to go. To Poitiers airport from near Chabanais 16 on Feb 20th, thanks
Footings 0 General Started by: jez1953-892507 · Updated: 1590931208 · Created: 1590931208
Looking for quote for 4x3.50 Footings near to Champagne Mouton 16350.Hard core already in place just need someone to lay
English/French ‘fun’ choir 3 Sport & Leisure Started by: · Updated: 1590764571 · Created: 1589814426
Hello everyoneDoes anyone know of a choir? - I can’t read music- and I don’t have a marvellous voice either, but wou
Luxens (Leroy Merlin) Exterior paint....Ocre 3 Home & Garden Started by: Cherche · Updated: 1590753980 · Created: 1304862866
I need to send the architects at Batiments de France a sample of the above colour so they can approve it for my new buil
How to get rid of Pine Martens in my roof? 16 Home & Garden Started by: Retiring Jim · Updated: 1590739459 · Created: 1396795561
I have discovered that we have Pine Martens (Martre) in the space between the tiles and the insulation in our roof. How
Linky meter for Solar panels 0 Financial & Legal Started by: katief-543937 · Updated: 1590571372 · Created: 1590571372
We have a contract with EDF for the production of energy through solar panels. The date we need to read the Linky meter
uPVC Windows and Doors - Making... 3 General Started by: Digital_Zone · Updated: 1590386386 · Created: 1589878465
There are not a whole lot of people that do not ever have to face the trouble of choosing the proper windows and proper
uPVC Windows and Doors - Making the Right... 0 General Started by: Digital_Zone · Updated: 1589879072 · Created: 1589879072
There are not a whole lot of people that do not ever have to face the trouble of choosing the proper windows and proper
Oven 2 Home & Garden Started by: Devon-551677 · Updated: 1589660679 · Created: 1575117978
Can anyone recommend someone to repair a range master oven think the element has gone
House to rent 4 Home & Garden Started by: sjt-573529 · Updated: 1589660097 · Created: 1581675799
Hello I'm desperately looking for a house to rent from the 7 03 to 15 07 max 20km around loudun
Living in Montembeouf 5 Home & Garden Started by: Jennifer-Bray-956700 · Updated: 1589658395 · Created: 1582937311
HiI'm new here. My partner and I both aged 50 are relocating to France very soon. We are bringing 2 small dogs and three
Buying and property 4 Home & Garden Started by: misha-561907 · Updated: 1589656510 · Created: 1587927333
Hi, we live in uk and have holiday home in france.we are looking to buy a house we can eventually retire to in france as
Range master oven 14 Home & Garden Started by: Devon-551677 · Updated: 1589650648 · Created: 1575118603
Can anyone recommend someone to look at my ringmaster think it needs a new element
Buy a holiday home, should I or shouldn't... 5 General Started by: Chris-O'Brien-959615 · Updated: 1589584957 · Created: 1587929684
Currently on lockdown in the UK and spending time researching a holiday home in France.We are in retirement with time on