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How do I view ALL classified adds? 8 General
I know that many of us "old timers" who used the old site are frustrated at the new one, non moreso than the cla...
started by: simplyneed2know · last update: 1469868000 · posted: 1469606426
Reclaiming Social contributions paid on ... 4 Financial & Legal
Hi, I had decided not to contribute further on AI until they sorted the unfathomable mess that the w...
started by: Kilners-561767 · last update: 1469861591 · posted: 1469803980
Searching for a reliable person around C... 9 Home & Garden
Hi, We are just in the process of buying a place just outside Confolens and looking for someone who could...
started by: Rebecca-Pearce-860302 · last update: 1469812581 · posted: 1468925524
English caravan 12 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, im looking at using an english caravan on my building plot. Still searching for one. Has anyone a large cara...
started by: gregguk · last update: 1469794527 · posted: 1469531929
The joke continues... 4 General
It's been months since I've logged in on this site, following the disastrous 'remake'.  Just gone to check ...
started by: Shelley.S · last update: 1469780843 · posted: 1469721026
Night Markets 3 General
Over the last few years we have really enjoyed visiting the many and varied night markets across the region but ...
started by: stevepud-561731 · last update: 1469762864 · posted: 1469552589
Where has the classified section gone...... 1 AngloINFO Support was there this morning!
started by: Niscars · last update: 1469725400 · posted: 1469716749
Would like some suggestions re my dishwa... 2 General
I would like someone to have a look at my dishwasher - are there domestic engineers in France or would I have to...
started by: faris-898700 · last update: 1469710164 · posted: 1469631478
Security 6 General
I would welcome the thoughts of others as over the last year or so we have been to several large concerts, many ...
started by: framus · last update: 1469703253 · posted: 1469618836
Raw Mince (Frozen) For Dogs 2 Pets & Animals
Anyone on here suggest a reliable and reasonably priced source of the above please? I'm near Couhe in 86....
started by: Terry FW · last update: 1469693519 · posted: 1469650396
How can I edit my classified ad please? 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi Stephen GI cannot find how to edit one of my classified ads. The photos are in the wrong order. Also, ...
started by: · last update: 1469654550 · posted: 1469617479
What's on in Deux Sèvres in August? 1 Entertainment
We have musical friends staying 14th - 21st August and we're looking for sessions, gigs and cultural events to t...
started by: yesterdays woman · last update: 1469644241 · posted: 1469615960
Car Valeting 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Is there anywhere offering this service (not self service) anywhere near Civray please.
started by: lowe86 · last update: 1469623618 · posted: 1469606369
Two beautiful kittens lookin for a new h... 0 Pets & Animals
I have two beautiful kittens ...
started by: oldngrumpy45 · last update: 1469623607 · posted: 1469623607
Water connection 1 Home & Garden
hi does anyone know how much we might be looking at on average to have water connected to our land. we are possi...
started by: misha-561907 · last update: 1469613166 · posted: 1469610075
Repairing a De Walt Compound Mitre Saw 3 General
Does anyone know where my husaband can get the above repaired. We live near Civray 86400.
started by: hellesbelles · last update: 1469607935 · posted: 1469184701
Warning about buying anything online wit... 14 General
We purchased a lawn mower online from Mr Bricolage. The promise was a 7 day delivery.  3 weeks on NO LAWN M...
started by: simplyneed2know · last update: 1469607042 · posted: 1468953196
Dog Trainer 0 Pets & Animals
Hi, I am looking for a good dog trainer in the department of the vienne;Around the civray area. Th...
started by: Setter-10062919 · last update: 1469603348 · posted: 1469603348
Double Screened Topsoil 4 Home & Garden
I am just about to get 20 tons of topsoil delivered from the UK as it seems impossible to get quality topsoil he...
started by: · last update: 1469602846 · posted: 1469522252
Kittens seeking new homes 0 Pets & Animals
Six lovely kittens are looking for new homes - they are now eating solids and used to being handled.3 pal...
started by: button16 · last update: 1469540986 · posted: 1469540986
Electronics 0 Home & Garden
HiI'm looking for a electronics repair person or company  can anyone help ??
started by: Bloor58 · last update: 1469539899 · posted: 1469539899
SIPS pannels 2 Home & Garden
Looking to buy SIPS pannels in this region.... Any ideas?
started by: gregguk · last update: 1469531725 · posted: 1469529817
Thinking of moving to Angoulême or near... 1 Non-local
Hi good folks of Poitiers Charente,We have just sold our house in the Mayenne (53) and are thinking of re...
started by: Concon-816429 · last update: 1469526610 · posted: 1469267471
Wooden swimming pool problem 2 Home & Garden
Hello, I have a wooden swimming pool which has begun to push the walls outwards. Anyone got any ideas on how to ...
started by: bascas1-543935 · last update: 1469522827 · posted: 1469347068
New restaurant 9 Food & Drink
Hi everyone I've been living here just over 5 years I'm 29and a chef. I have trained with Tom kerridge and John ...
started by: Michael-Durkin-865125 · last update: 1469474390 · posted: 1469140323
Plumber needed 2 Home & Garden
Hi, wonder if anyone can recommend a reliable and reasonably priced plumber?  We live near Civray. Many ...
started by: harmony-579259 · last update: 1469471658 · posted: 1469456082
Plan d'eau Roumazieres Loubert 0 Pets & Animals
Anyone know if dogs are allowed at this lake?  Obviously not on the beach part but by the side of it?
started by: The Wards · last update: 1469463638 · posted: 1469463638
Petition to continue healthcare for ex-p... 26 General
Sign this petition to ask the UK gover...
started by: 23904505 · last update: 1469459777 · posted: 1469174067
WINDOWS 10 5 General
Hi.  I would like an opinion on Windows 10.  Are you happy with it.? Have you had any problems wi...
started by: Dante-885059 · last update: 1469442422 · posted: 1469268784
Stray Cat 0 Pets & Animals
I have been feeding a stray cat which has now become quite tame. The problem is I'm moving at the end of the wee...
started by: Pauline-Elmore-856852 · last update: 1469434015 · posted: 1469434015
8 meter water tank 2 Home & Garden
Our neighbour has installed an eight meter watertank less than one meter from our fence, quite an eyesore.Does a...
started by: tineke-549573 · last update: 1469274188 · posted: 1469271576
Expat stories needed 2 General
Hi, I am looking for expats who would be willing to talk to me for my new book. You would be kept anonymous and ...
started by: AnnieP-510608 · last update: 1469271790 · posted: 1469101535
Where to buy wine grape vines? 5 Home & Garden
started by: garretjax · last update: 1469263763 · posted: 1469218020
Chipper hire 1 Home & Garden
Hi, Area of Chatain, near Charroux. Thinking of hiring a wood chipper/mulcher. Needs to be a fairly "meaty" one....
started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1469212293 · posted: 1469118025
Carte de Sejour 1 Financial & Legal
I understand that a new law was passed on the 7th March 2016 regarding the Carte de Sejour and rights of people ...
started by: Lin Barrett-569729 · last update: 1469212252 · posted: 1469187657
Free Translation 0 General
Does anyone have a link/email address to the free translation service, based in Paris, that used to be quoted on th...
started by: crazylady-565602 · last update: 1469180802 · posted: 1469180802
Jeep Wrangler TJ 1998 4 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Recently bought this Jeep back from UK and need a shed load of service parts inc. new headlamps, distributor cap...
started by: dce2246 · last update: 1469125178 · posted: 1469038210
Dog sitter for 1 night only 2 Pets & Animals
Hi. Does anyone know someone that would be prepared to look after a very loving dog that suffers from separation...
started by: VivT-572542 · last update: 1469121850 · posted: 1469038383
Fishing spots around Pons area? 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi we are driving up from Spain soon and want to stop over just after Bordeaux ... we fancy the area around Pons...
started by: abbaye-860361 · last update: 1469098290 · posted: 1469098290
Methodist Church Service 0 General
I was just wondering if anyone knows of any groups that might get together for worship on the occasional Sunday'...
started by: Andrew-Wright-864205 · last update: 1469083161 · posted: 1469083161
Safety cover for Hors sol pool 2 Home & Garden
Hi Im looking for advice on a cover for an above ground pool . Ive seen some with aluminium poles . ...
started by: NorfolkLass-910872 · last update: 1469082590 · posted: 1468941070
International jumping de Chalais 0 General
Has the csi been cancelled?i can only find national classes I was wanting to engage In the cs...
started by: choosing · last update: 1469082224 · posted: 1469082224
Ride on mower repair - around Lesterps, ... 1 Home & Garden
Every year my best mechanics either move, or retire!My ride on mower was a little louder than normal for...
started by: Zarathustra2011 · last update: 1469046315 · posted: 1469026455
Wanted Baby Cot 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I am looking for a baby cot, for our grandson who is due in September! Exciting! Must be in a decent conditi...
started by: donnajohn · last update: 1469045390 · posted: 1469045390
Filler recommendations 3 Home & Garden
Hiyai am trying to fill a sizeable gap in the ceiling where the cable for a light has been cha...
started by: barnabythebear · last update: 1469030778 · posted: 1468953874
Wanted a carpet fitter 0 General
wanted a good carpet fitter that will do fit only as have all underlay and carpet, but I mean good as carpet nee...
started by: stabilo man · last update: 1468949435 · posted: 1468949435
end of life 3 Financial & Legal
 We are not religious so all we want to do is have a cremation and dispose of ashes. Can anyone advise the ...
started by: emmajack14 · last update: 1468939939 · posted: 1468924756
British Market-Aigre 1 General
Does anyone please know the dates of the British Markets at Aigre? If anyone has the contact details of who runs...
started by: Puffer-10056427 · last update: 1468939255 · posted: 1468929637
ToolHire 0 Home & Garden
Can anyone tell me where I can hire a brushwood cutter for a half a day please.I am near to Chef  Boutonne ...
started by: Nelson1805 · last update: 1468939030 · posted: 1468939030
Lost Dog 0 Pets & Animals
Just seen a golden labrador with no collar that looks lost. Biard, Moussac opposite campsite walking by the Vien...
started by: susiewest · last update: 1468937970 · posted: 1468937970