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Solar PV panels 1 Home & Garden Started by: P182641 · Updated: 1634027937 · Created: 1633944630
Has anyone used a solar panel installation firm in the Charente Maritime that they can recommend? I want a feed in syste
Moving back to England 1 General Started by: Roachy · Updated: 1633850530 · Created: 1633801194
We are moving back to England next month and wondered if anyone knew of any companies that rent out large vans with unli
French Tax Return 7 Financial & Legal Started by: mikey boy-921674 · Updated: 1633771749 · Created: 1618914306
Hi, I am a UK citizen who lived and worked in France (paying into French tax and social security for a number of years a
Scrapyards in france 4 General Started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · Updated: 1633453573 · Created: 1629353115
Advice please. I have a Nissan Micra convertable but the power steering has gone. Garage has quoted me 1,800€ for the
Looking for dog fosterers for Asso En Route 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Christa-559627 · Updated: 1633452856 · Created: 1633452856
Asso En Route (reg no W792005754) are always in need of fosterers for the dogs we are helping to find new homes.Whether
Moving ebay kitchen from Kent to Deux Sevres 1 Home & Garden Started by: Pompon · Updated: 1633105895 · Created: 1632824812
Please can anyone recommend someone to bring my ebay kitchen over to Deux Sevres? I did the same thing some years ago bu
Left hand drive cars. 4 General Started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · Updated: 1632828046 · Created: 1631784474
Hi, just a query re left hand drive cars. I have driven a right hand cars for over 30 years now. My UK car has now died!
Work experience 0 Families & Kids Started by: peppapig-940799 · Updated: 1632674138 · Created: 1632674138
Hi my daughter needs a work experience from 2nd November to the 20th December in the tourism sector, it can be anything
2nd home ownersandfrench reg cars 5 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: niggle · Updated: 1632466844 · Created: 1631642770
Siaep 2 Home & Garden Started by: Doreen-Everitt-1007056 · Updated: 1632066675 · Created: 1631831886
Just moving to France at the end of the month. How do I contact SIAEP and let them know we are moving into the house and
Woman/Man Friday 2 Sport & Leisure Started by: Neuvy · Updated: 1631576911 · Created: 1631437308
I need help from someone who is interested in fine-art to varnish/re-varnish my paintings, some are quite large and as I
Swimming pool covers 0 Home & Garden Started by: Paul-Fay-867446 · Updated: 1631097400 · Created: 1631097400
Hi We live near Confolens. Does anyone know a company who will repair electric swimming pool covers? Thanks
Healthcare S1 or E111? 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Raggermuffin-574317 · Updated: 1631093975 · Created: 1326730178
Hi can anyone "help" I am so confused. situation as follows! I now live 365 days per year in France. which means I can
Logs and Recycling 2 General Started by: JohnP1470 · Updated: 1631092107 · Created: 1140267359
We have recently returned from our first visit to our holiday home in the Vienne. Does anyone know where we can buy a su
washing machine 6 General Started by: luise crooke · Updated: 1630963304 · Created: 1630658820
I am in the process of moving to France and would like to know if it is possible to bring my washing machine with me. My
moving to Chabanais or nearby 1 General Started by: dow57 · Updated: 1630669063 · Created: 1630014513
I am looking for "cobrien" who contacted me about moving to Chabanais or nearby, but the e-mail address given is invalid
search frozen food for dogs in the Charente 3 Pets & Animals Started by: dow57 · Updated: 1630476962 · Created: 1629824996
Covid vaccinations re passport. 1 General Started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · Updated: 1629188367 · Created: 1628606000
Hi I have my Covid certificates but it is in my maiden name. I k ow that is how the French work, but the name is not my
Helping South African Farmers 5 General Started by: Mira-555649 · Updated: 1629053937 · Created: 1628286856
I own what used to be a small farm. It is in dire need of work, including the house. I bought it a few years ago hoping
Thesis about English people coming to Deux... 4 General Started by: Clemence-543742 · Updated: 1628089010 · Created: 1191427530
Hello, My name is Clémence and I am studying at the Esthua University in Angers, in tourism. I am now writing