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Peroni Beer 0 Food & Drink
Has anyone seen bottles of Peroni in Supermarkets around Ruffec/Civray/Sauze? I have tried LeClerc but no joy.Thank
started by: Monty-Morgan-915698 · last update: 1524805830 · posted: 1524805830
Carte vital 6 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, has anyone been to a Doctors and paid usual amount with Carte Vital. Still not received the difference two week
started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · last update: 1524777642 · posted: 1524642763
MGF Steptronic 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone point me in the direction of someone experienced in working on an MGF with an automatic (Steptronic) gea
started by: DaveB · last update: 1524755773 · posted: 1524755773
Washing machine repair 3 Home & Garden
Looking for someone to repair a 10 year-old Miele washing machine in Parthenay 79200 - recommendations please.
started by: gristhm · last update: 1524752033 · posted: 1524736252
Casier Judicaire 12 Financial & Legal
A 'Casier Judicaire' is one of the documents required when applying for French citizenship - which English document
started by: gristhm · last update: 1524750295 · posted: 1516264075
Residency before Brexit 10 Financial & Legal
Can any one suggest what I do do become a legal resident before Brexit
started by: Tanya-Turner-920714 · last update: 1524749459 · posted: 1520360563
Who owns the electricity cables in France? 2 Financial & Legal
started by: CharlieS · last update: 1524747886 · posted: 1521485665
Any advice 0 Home & Garden
In February we bought a couple of bare-rooted roses from what we thought was a reputable French garden supplier.&nb
started by: Vulcanite Kimblewick · last update: 1524745104 · posted: 1524745104
Cancelling contract with Orange 3 General
Has anyone managed to cancel their contract with Orange? I have looked at the site and it appears to be very compli
started by: flobelt · last update: 1524730170 · posted: 1524684621
Can't access my classified ads 4 AngloINFO Support
A few days ago I posted some classified ads. I now want to edit some and show another as sold. The ads are visible
started by: Chuckles16 · last update: 1524718513 · posted: 1524640858
Cinema 0 General
Why are the cinema listings always so late?  
started by: crazylady-565602 · last update: 1524676044 · posted: 1524676044
bathroom renovation 0 Home & Garden
Hi, I am looking to renovate my somewhat tired and dated bathroom, can anyone recommend the name of a suitably qual
started by: yoobee · last update: 1524655278 · posted: 1524655278
House rental Income 3 Financial & Legal
We let our spare house out last August for a few weeks whilst some friends house hunted. We used to rent out as a b
started by: Diddle-545494 · last update: 1524600818 · posted: 1523822831
4321 Property Free Ads - Coincidence?? 11 General
Hello, Has anyone had any experience with the 4321 Property Free Ads website whereby a property can be advertised f
started by: bazrob · last update: 1524599497 · posted: 1400185497
swimming pool area tiling 2 Home & Garden
Hi, can anyone recommend a reliable person to tile an area round our semi above ground pool please, house is in the
started by: novemberchic · last update: 1524570333 · posted: 1524482456
Orange internet 'Decouverte' package. 0 General
If anyone has the 'Decouverte' package with Orange and they intend to suspend it be aware that after the 17th of Ma
started by: Souris · last update: 1524561573 · posted: 1524561573
Reminder Vide Maison 0 Home & Garden
24th April ( TODAY)10 Impasse D'aubanie Theil Daubanie7919010am to 4pm.
started by: flobelt · last update: 1524555620 · posted: 1524555620
Walking Football in Aubeterre sur Dronne 0 Sport & Leisure
A new Walking Football team will be starting in Aubeterre soon. It'll be run by a Walking Football Association qual
started by: Starrman · last update: 1524553446 · posted: 1524553446
Form 2047 - UK Pension Question 7 Financial & Legal
Hello.  I am just seeking clarification of something please.  Last year my wife started receiving her UK
started by: kinsarvik-100068 · last update: 1524516195 · posted: 1523998712
French Tax Form 2047 - Advice Requested 12 Financial & Legal
Hi,I live and work in France, but am really unsure about how to fill in the 2047 form to declare interest earned ab
started by: Thistly-Bamboo-927128 · last update: 1524513141 · posted: 1523722341