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camping car 6 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: ian-cross-931082 · Updated: 1620562057 · Created: 1619109822
is there sombody how could help me register my camper from english to french reg.
Bath removal and shower installation 0 Home & Garden Started by: Scrawp · Updated: 1620380869 · Created: 1620380869
Due to arthritis, am unable to get in and out of bath. Looking for builder/plumber to remove bath and install shower. L'
Recommendation of a qualified Tree Surgeon? 1 Home & Garden Started by: seb&lucy · Updated: 1620294367 · Created: 1620291298
Hi. We would be grateful if anyone could recommend a qualified tree surgeon in the Charente Maritime/Deux Sevres area? N
Searching for a Faverolle or Brahma chicken 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Roy and Mel · Updated: 1620251181 · Created: 1620251181
I am looking for either a Faverolle or Brahma chicken to join my girls. Does anyone have a young chicken for sale, or kn
Attendance allowance 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Patricia-Aubert-927726 · Updated: 1620118254 · Created: 1620118254
Hi I receive an attendance allowance husbandIs it necessary to include this in our Tax Return?
canal+ 0 General Started by: dodderyoldman · Updated: 1620115105 · Created: 1620115105
Hi how do I cancel Canal+ ? I signed into it for a 6 month period but found out how silly I have been in doing this beca
French Tax Return 4 Financial & Legal Started by: mikey boy-921674 · Updated: 1619633915 · Created: 1618914306
Hi, I am a UK citizen who lived and worked in France (paying into French tax and social security for a number of years a
is this a con ?? 1 General Started by: dave&olive · Updated: 1619427666 · Created: 1619427616
Hi OK Has anyone used this firm , can not find any feed back /recommendations , Thanks
Motorbike Club 12 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: caddycat-571127 · Updated: 1619178558 · Created: 1367683714
Does anyone know if there is a formal or informal motorbike club in the South Charente area? Some friends are thinking o
Logs and Recycling 2 General Started by: JohnP1470 · Updated: 1619053632 · Created: 1140267359
We have recently returned from our first visit to our holiday home in the Vienne. Does anyone know where we can buy a su
Revenue 2020 1 Financial & Legal Started by: DrZ-556474 · Updated: 1618904656 · Created: 1618137913
Help needed. Going round in circles with Revenue online... 2 simple issues exactly where do I enter interest earnt in UK
Building Project 2 Home & Garden Started by: andrewandrewball · Updated: 1618904153 · Created: 1617746317
I have a house in Villars en Pons in 17 which is being refurbished. We are stuck in the UK and I am looking for someone
Locksmith 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving Started by: Archie100 · Updated: 1618853512 · Created: 1447091545
Hi There, Can anyone recommend a good locksmith in the Moussac/Usson area? I've lost a set of caravan keys and am tryi
Keeping pygmy goats 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Ray-Ball-991486 · Updated: 1618334567 · Created: 1618334567
Please discuss, adivise or dissuade with considered arguments the pros and cons of keeping pygmy goats.Any legal require
The Term 'Expat' 5 General Started by: Ray-Bowtell-988080 · Updated: 1617897742 · Created: 1616934115
Isn't it time that British people living abroadstopped using the term 'expat' to refer to themselves which has its roots
long stay 0 General Started by: dodderyoldman · Updated: 1617696865 · Created: 1617696865
Hi my English son has an Irish passport and because of various restrictions, lock downs etc etc he has not been able to
Emergency dentist 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: angelagrz · Updated: 1617434654 · Created: 1617407536
Help I think I have an a ceded tooth and need some urgent treatment - how do I access a dental practice near me . I live
english speaking dentist 17 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: chris e-576341 · Updated: 1617362556 · Created: 1390577840
hi, i am after an english speaking dentist anywhere in the charente.I heard there was one in confolens but she does not
Schengen Overstay 1 Financial & Legal Started by: Karen-Jeffrey-922398 · Updated: 1617100754 · Created: 1616999254
Hi. Can anyone give me information on whether if someone overstays their Schengen 90 days with a U.K. registered car, wh
Chey 4 AngloINFO Support Started by: Laura-Claughan-984208 · Updated: 1617095989 · Created: 1613245203
Hello! Bonjour.I am looking at a property in Chey, I don’t really know the area and wanted to find out if it is a safe