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Mobile Phone Contract 7 General
HiI am tearing my hair out and would appreciate some advice please! I would like a French mobile phone co...
started by: meekings4-573699 · last update: 1472547947 · posted: 1472469842
Wierd Reply to Classified 0 AngloINFO Support
Hello Anglo Info AdminI received an email via your site, enquiring about one of my listings. I ...
started by: · last update: 1472542753 · posted: 1472542753
Payments to URSSAF 5 General
started by: cortonice2 · last update: 1472540140 · posted: 1471606407
Silver birch 4 Home & Garden
We have 2 large silver birch that need topping and pruning up we are in France for the next week and would appri...
started by: janine25 · last update: 1472500321 · posted: 1472487251
changing RH drive with french plates in... 20 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Here is my challenge.  My car is RH drive with french plates and french lights. I have been looking at fren...
started by: dodderyoldman · last update: 1472500248 · posted: 1472056676
Car Transportation 1 General
Does anyone know of someone able to transport a car back to the south of England?it is no longer roadwort...
started by: christinabee-573574 · last update: 1472499182 · posted: 1472289506
Coypu 8 General
Evening all we have a fishing lake that is being destroyed by coypu we have callosped holes and filled several t...
started by: janine25 · last update: 1472495873 · posted: 1472404107
Large military transport planes 5 General
Last Wednesday 2 enormous military transport planes flew very low over my house near Montendre 17130, the 1st at...
started by: Tigger-540737 · last update: 1472492844 · posted: 1472475616
EU WEEE regulation for collection of old... 3 Financial & Legal
I had a new freezer delivered today (it was ordered online), and was expecting the delivery company to take the ...
started by: Zarathustra2011 · last update: 1472486603 · posted: 1472465339
Cost to re-render house & barn 4 Home & Garden
We are buying a house with attached barn and  are thinking of getting it re-rendered. It's 20 M by 8 M and ...
started by: Allen61 · last update: 1472482528 · posted: 1472383488
Do I need to register AE again? 4 Financial & Legal
I was registered AE until I hit 65 last year and retired, when I de-registered and took my UK state pension. We ...
started by: Diddle-545494 · last update: 1472466026 · posted: 1472245545
cheapest method of sending small items t... 1 AngloINFO Support
hi just wondering if anyone knows the cheapest way to send a small package to the uk? its just t-shirts/cds/viny...
started by: carladox1 · last update: 1472461938 · posted: 1472295124
Hearing aid tubes 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi all,over here on holiday in Ruffec/Confolens area. Hearing aid tube Has broken and I am deaf as a post...
started by: OMG! · last update: 1472452675 · posted: 1472412089
Children's garden toys for sale..... 2 General
Various items of children's garden toys for sale, 50 euros for all.  All suitable for up to 8 years.....
started by: Ozzysue · last update: 1472450200 · posted: 1471685693
HELP/ADVICE Please 7 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Going mad trying to get this sorted. We have a friend from UK visiting with a leg ulcer which has to be dressed ...
started by: Alexander Chalais · last update: 1472325429 · posted: 1472290898
Doing the right thing - France here we c... 14 Financial & Legal
Hi,Finally we are ready to make the big move to France. We have been dreaming about this for over 10 year...
started by: Pandora1962 · last update: 1472313803 · posted: 1472131516
Joint Vehicle Ownership - How is it done 3 General
My partner and I are not married, we are in the process of buying a vehicle and want the vehicle to be in joint ...
started by: swh1800 · last update: 1472309039 · posted: 1472276606
Saint Germain de Confolens 0 General
Does anyone know if the shop is open today, 27th?  Don't want to go all the way there with lots of books to...
started by: caramay · last update: 1472296801 · posted: 1472296801
Buying squash drink in France 3 General
We cannot find squash drinks in our local stores around Civray. Any suggestions for finding sugar free sqaush ?
started by: cockers · last update: 1472240814 · posted: 1472195002
EQUITY RELEASE 3 Financial & Legal
Has anyone got any advice in releasing equity from our French property with no mortgage attached.
started by: allynjim · last update: 1472239332 · posted: 1472223688
Paperwork 3 General
I'm leaving France.  Apart from all the tax (income, habitation, fonciere) which I won't chuck, why do I ha...
started by: Sherrie-Herridge-863294 · last update: 1472223469 · posted: 1472215707
Carp Fishing 0 Sport & Leisure
Still trying to get some carp fisherman to help take on French at lac trizay on 8th9th10th11th September,.Big ca...
started by: the jolly sailor · last update: 1472220829 · posted: 1472220829
long tem rental required 1 General
HiMy partner and I are looking for a long term rental for a year in the beginning of January 2017. [end ...
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1472193884 · posted: 1472188302
how to go about finding a good English s... 7 Home & Garden
We have a Gite complex going through a massive renovation program and we are considering looking for a good Engl...
started by: ShaunAsco · last update: 1472158085 · posted: 1471811089
can you be in the micro-entrepreneur sys... 2 Financial & Legal
I have been looking around for more work and have found some part-time positions that are salaried, can I apply for...
started by: fburdie · last update: 1472155830 · posted: 1472120306
How to mark an advert SOLD 2 AngloINFO Support
How do you mark an advert SOLD ??
started by: netrooky · last update: 1472059538 · posted: 1471713746
No help given by Anglo Info Admin 0 AngloINFO Support
I asked for help with a classified the other day and was told by "admin" to send an email. I did as instructed b...
started by: · last update: 1472059368 · posted: 1472059368
One of my classifieds has been marked SO... 0 AngloINFO Support
started by: · last update: 1472059201 · posted: 1472059201
Apprenticeship 0 General
Dear all,My son is in the second year of his apprenticeship in building with the Compagons du Devoir at L...
started by: Paul S-576192 · last update: 1472041110 · posted: 1472041110
pick up and drop off angouleme station 0 General
For money of course, our house is near cellefrouin
started by: nickh-572924 · last update: 1472038704 · posted: 1472038704
English Speaking GP near to Chaunay 4 General
Would anyone be able to recommend an English speaking GP near to Chaunay 86510, female GP preferred.  Many ...
started by: andrea-borzych-855222 · last update: 1472029824 · posted: 1471865616
Lift wanted to Le Havre ferry this Frida... 2 General
Hi Me and my wife have booked the 2200hrs ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth but car is now in garage and wont be...
started by: Dave-Purple-867666 · last update: 1472024533 · posted: 1471969236
Car Hire near Confolens? 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi, Does anyone know of a reasonable car hire place near Confolens? We need to drive to ferry Friday and go over...
started by: Dave-Purple-867666 · last update: 1472020722 · posted: 1471969475
This site is still rubbish 0 General
Responded to an advert for a grandfather clock asking for pictures. The seller sent them along with a message. R...
started by: tiss-us · last update: 1471969682 · posted: 1471969682
Motor Boat on the Charente 7 Sport & Leisure
I am confused about owning and using a small boat on the Charente. I understand no permit is required for small ...
started by: John-Heath-863620 · last update: 1471950196 · posted: 1471539642
How do I edit my post please? 3 AngloINFO Support
Have posted a classified but need to make an alteration. I can't find anyway to edit it. Help please
started by: · last update: 1471947637 · posted: 1471892210
A neighbour ran over my kitten and kille... 4 Pets & Animals
i am so upset over this that I don't know what to do.  I rescued an abandoned kitten at 2 weeks and bottle ...
started by: Sorciere · last update: 1471941768 · posted: 1471877124
Aquitaine Variations - Back by Popular D... 1 Entertainment
A unique cabaret band performing songs from charts gone by, West End musicals and much moreā€¦Dinner &...
started by: Tigger1954 · last update: 1471902350 · posted: 1471593908
Can you buy bags of Party Ice here? 1 Food & Drink
Does anyone know if/where you can buy bags of party ice here.  We live near Matha in the Charente Maritime ...
started by: clancy-567978 · last update: 1471886702 · posted: 1471861567
2017 Puy de Fou tickets 5 General
Does anyone know when next years tickets become available?
started by: djw-569868 · last update: 1471870641 · posted: 1471778378
Boiler keeps firing up when switched off 0 Home & Garden
Hi - we'v e got a Deville LGC4 boiler which works fine apart from it fires up regularly for abut 1 min frequentl...
started by: Piers-Lane-865800 · last update: 1471861901 · posted: 1471861901
House Extension advice 5 General
We are thinking of adding a single storey extension to ourhouse. Floor plan would be app...
started by: Allen61 · last update: 1471850082 · posted: 1471689206
Turkey 4 Food & Drink
Hi, can anyone suggest where I might find a frozen Turkey in the Charente? Strange at this time of year, I know,...
started by: luluwallace · last update: 1471813273 · posted: 1471691372
Hire of scaffold tower 3 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a company that would hire a scaffold tower?
started by: djw-569868 · last update: 1471778291 · posted: 1471528602
Viewtelly 1 General
Could some kind person tell me how to get sky sport on viewtelly , in full screen please . It was ok in windows ...
started by: fish16-566296 · last update: 1471767319 · posted: 1471709024
Wanted Sky digibox 3 Entertainment
Has anyone got a SKY digibox for sale - ours has given up through overuse and shouting at it doesn't work anymor...
started by: Warwick and Jo-781227 · last update: 1471765008 · posted: 1471597746
paying cheques into my account 3 General
I need to pay a cheque into my Laposte account. I have the relevant deposit slip and have written my account num...
started by: Ronald-Byfield-866375 · last update: 1471517569 · posted: 1471515116
Art/painting and creative writing tutor... 0 General
Good morning allDoes anyone know of an art tutor and creative writing tutor near Clussais (79190)....
started by: JP@43 · last update: 1471517017 · posted: 1471517017
Fishing at Lac Des Saules in Luxe 0 Sport & Leisure
Hi, Has anybody fished at the two lakes in Luxe which are next to the camping site? If so, how was the fishing a...
started by: Glen-572014 · last update: 1471497790 · posted: 1471497790
Maria 0 AngloINFO Support
started by: Maria-Hancock-867169 · last update: 1471467345 · posted: 1471467345