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... 6 Home & Garden
We have just discovered the whereabouts of our well. Does anyone know anyone who cleans them? We are Confolens dire
started by: kath68 · last update: 1498284877 · posted: 1498211589
Someone qualified to connect the aircon 3 General
Hi our wall mounted split system aircon unit has failed and at 12 years old we are looking to replace it. When we p
started by: simplyneed2know · last update: 1498284336 · posted: 1498233059
English website ? 0 General
Hello, I am looking for a free advertising website, such as Leboncoin in France. I want to post an ad for a house t
started by: Annie-Crepe-903076 · last update: 1498232327 · posted: 1498232326
Door Fly Screen 4 Home & Garden
Does anyone have a contact number for someone who installs Chain Fly Screens?   Thank you.
started by: [email protected] · last update: 1498212412 · posted: 1497881421
... 1 General
I am looking to rent an industrial carpet cleaner for the day as my existing Vax machine is not cutting it! Could a
started by: blaize-976795 · last update: 1498211635 · posted: 1498200711
Lost dogs 1 Pets & Animals
Good news,my dogs just limped back in(after a foray into a manure heap, I think!)
started by: R & A-541227 · last update: 1498211042 · posted: 1498203220
rental 3 General
HiMy partner and I are coming over to the Ruffec area in  October [7 -14] with our dog to look at property in
started by: jessie1 · last update: 1498203647 · posted: 1494223887
Lost dogs 1 Pets & Animals
My electric gates malfunctioned and my two golden retriever cross dogs one male and one female escaped Thursday eve
started by: R & A-541227 · last update: 1498202269 · posted: 1498200414
Good English speaking Vet recommendation 4 Pets & Animals
Hello,Could anyone please recommend a good English speaking Vet. I am located in the Saint Junien, Chabanais, Confo
started by: blaize-976795 · last update: 1498200401 · posted: 1497781471
parcel to USA 3 General
Hi Can anyone tell me the best way to send large box weighing 30 kgs to the USA its a small piece of furniture
started by: Trailrider-644144 · last update: 1498132365 · posted: 1497972393
In-ground Swimming Pool maintenance 2 Home & Garden
We are looking for someone to summarize and winterise our 10m x 5 m swimming pool. We live in the Cognac/Jarnac are
started by: socksandharry · last update: 1498111228 · posted: 1498038812
Chimney sweep and technician for poêle a... 1 General
Hi,Does anyone know of someone of a chimney sweep/technician for a pellet stove in the Rouillac area?    
started by: Bobby-892029 · last update: 1498111135 · posted: 1498044853
clothes for charity shop 5 General
We live in the 16220 Montbron area and have 4 large dustbin bags full of clean mens and womens clothes. Does anyone
started by: dce2246 · last update: 1498072576 · posted: 1497972130
Price for stone work 0 Home & Garden
Hi any one know the price per M2 of stone work to repair walls 500mm thick. Thanks
started by: stabilo man · last update: 1498055654 · posted: 1498055653
... 0 General
• Organisé par : Nouhet Frederic• Lieu : Stade Municipal• Particuliers et professionnels• B
started by: Bobby-892029 · last update: 1498047475 · posted: 1498047474
... 0 Home & Garden
We need someone to clean and summerize our 10m x 5 in-ground swimming pool. We live in between Cognac and Jarnac in
started by: socksandharry · last update: 1498040336 · posted: 1498040335
Credit Agricole & PayPal...! 4 Financial & Legal
I have both a Credit Agricole (CA) bank account and a PayPal Europe bank account, but I cannot transfer money to Pa
started by: StrayCats-563722 · last update: 1498031105 · posted: 1497984807
... 8 Financial & Legal
I have a Codebis, CSL and  LDD savings account as well as my currentaccount (credit agricole). I didn’t askf
started by: StrayCats-563722 · last update: 1498022316 · posted: 1497959132
Classifieds 1 AngloINFO Support
How do you - show something sold ????  Looked in My Anglo  and not showing any activity or postings!
started by: bob&debs-554698 · last update: 1497969318 · posted: 1495898807
Recommended dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I know one cannot mention businesses by name but I have just been to the dentist in L'Absie (there's only one - he'
started by: 23904505 · last update: 1497958899 · posted: 1497958898