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Mammographie Niort - what a farce! 24 General
Couldn't organise a bun fight in a bakery! I really have to have this rant. Having reached the big 50 I was in
started by: Mitz018 · last update: 1516670848 · posted: 1460086942
Demolition 1 Home & Garden
Does anyone know of a company that does demolition and reclamation in the Poitou Charentes please
started by: bascas1-543935 · last update: 1516654085 · posted: 1516621664
Car repatriation 38 General
Bjr I am stranded in Paris with a dead car and need to have car taken back to near Cognac, any ideas or help would
started by: segonzac · last update: 1516650237 · posted: 1516527403
scaffold pole aluminium needed 0 General
about 6 metres must be able to deliver Mauprevoir,
started by: · last update: 1516632436 · posted: 1516632436
Vet in Rufcec 1 Pets & Animals
Hi,Can anyone please recommend a (preferably English speaking) vet in Ruffec so I can book my dog in for treatment
started by: johnandfifi · last update: 1516628229 · posted: 1516627639
ISLE. OF WIGHT 0 General
Hi, just wondering if there are any xpats living in charente maritime from the ISLE of Wight. If so how do you find
started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · last update: 1516622130 · posted: 1516622130
Counselling in English 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello,My partner is a UK-qualfied counsellor with a practice in London and Kent. He commutes backwards and forwards
started by: HD-in-BRUX · last update: 1516615383 · posted: 1516615383
driving license 5 Financial & Legal
I have been living in France now for nearly 4yrs and I am 70 this year, but I have not done anything to my driving
started by: emmajack14 · last update: 1516615121 · posted: 1516535407
Casier Judicaire 11 Financial & Legal
A 'Casier Judicaire' is one of the documents required when applying for French citizenship - which English document
started by: gristhm · last update: 1516546798 · posted: 1516264075
roofing felt 3 Home & Garden
were will I be able to get 3 metres of green roofing felt 
started by: jez1953-892507 · last update: 1516534945 · posted: 1516368717
House electric's 10 Home & Garden
Why are there No earthing cable's in bedroom socket's but are present elsewhere in most properties.This issue came
started by: pat-Carlin -919903 · last update: 1516482704 · posted: 1516305149
making a will 3 Financial & Legal
I want to make out an English will to leave my chatells to my friends here as family all gone but I need it to be d
started by: · last update: 1516479295 · posted: 1516107466
Any off-road motorcyclists out there? 0 Sport & Leisure
I'm spending two weeks ever month in Chambray les Tours and wondered if there were any off-roaders, enduro or trial
started by: nibla-543149 · last update: 1516449747 · posted: 1516449747
Answering Private Messages 3 AngloINFO Support
I received a private message, which came through to my email inbox and need to answer it, so how do I do that?I tri
started by: Penny76 · last update: 1516447046 · posted: 1514311178
Registering a British motorbike in France 19 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Can anyone help me please?  My husband has a collection of  bikes which we need to register here (BMW/old
started by: Patricia Evans-543206 · last update: 1516436900 · posted: 1516174181
Rough estimate needed 7 General
I have a 1980's Praktica TL1000 Super camera in excellent condition with original leather case, different lenses &a
started by: poitou charente · last update: 1516402764 · posted: 1516356222
TEmpete BRuno : Storm 27/12/2017 and 28/12/2017 9 General
Hi, Did anyone suffer storm damage due to strong winds on the 27/12/2017? I am trying to collate evidence to suppor
started by: October-562188 · last update: 1516368143 · posted: 1515768159
Lost post 3 AngloINFO Support
I put a post on here a few weeks back "Cocker or Springer" I think! How do I retrieve it as there were some useful
started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1516364278 · posted: 1516358483
dulux mixing machine 2 Home & Garden
 just been to peintre et plus in piegut pluviers and find its shut down, is there another uk  dulux mixin
started by: kit-548351 · last update: 1516363095 · posted: 1516295538
Sofa repair 0 Home & Garden
I have a two-seater sofa in good condition, but one of the springs has gone.  Can anyone recommend a repairer,
started by: Patricia Evans-543206 · last update: 1516288510 · posted: 1516288510