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Headlights 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Anyone recommend where to buy headlights , to change to French from English for Fiat Scudo.thanks
started by: Bram-Sanders-858436 · last update: 1513165706 · posted: 1513091769
avis des sommes a payer 0 Financial & Legal
Just had one of these from ipots quoting article L252 for the sum of 24e.  Has anyone had one of these and if
started by: Cerier · last update: 1513164556 · posted: 1513164556
Minc Pies 13 General
Bjr does anybody know where one may buy UK style mince pies please, there does not seem to be a French equivalent,
started by: segonzac · last update: 1513163050 · posted: 1513069251
DREAL documentation 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I am trying to register my UK Eriba caravan. I have been referred to DREAL following the rejection of a partial cer
started by: mishinator · last update: 1513158749 · posted: 1513158749
Oops! 8 AngloINFO Support
Judging from what I can see - and can't see - of 'recent discussions', it looks as if this forum has gone pear shap
started by: Dennis-Diogenes-901492 · last update: 1513111890 · posted: 1513003685
Understanding Brexit in plain English! 30 General
This may help to explain the impasse we have with our EU “friends” Mr Dave Davis is at the golf club retur
started by: Bertiebeauford · last update: 1513111540 · posted: 1512732415
Exchanging UK driving licence for French... 1 General
I know this has been discussed many times, but we live in a fast changing world. Would appreciate any advice on the
started by: cockers · last update: 1513070211 · posted: 1513066990
Limoges Airport Parking 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
If anyone is going to park at Limoges airport please be aware that there is reduced parking available until March 2
started by: tazzyboy · last update: 1513029978 · posted: 1513029978
Septic Tank 3 Home & Garden
Septic Tank. We still have an old metal septic tank (just a holding tank) with a filter bucket (full of porous/cera
started by: mark60 · last update: 1513014020 · posted: 1512823724
Dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi there,can anyone recommended a nice kind dentist? English speaker if possible? I'm a dental phobic who needs a t
started by: Celticlass-905420 · last update: 1513001136 · posted: 1512655993
English speaking doctors in Ruffec 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I know it has been asked before, but can anyone recommend to us an English speaking doctor in or around Ruffec?&nbs
started by: Moose-10036870 · last update: 1512999052 · posted: 1512820132
can't delete ads 0 AngloINFO Support
ADMIN PLEASE NOTEItems I've posted for sale soon disappear and cannot be 'bumped' so have to be re-entered time and
started by: roly1943-540731 · last update: 1512999052 · posted: 1512906645
Air Extractor Fan in loft is running full... 0 Home & Garden
Have just found that in the loft of our old stone house is an electrically powered extractor fan. It has several co
started by: mark60 · last update: 1512999052 · posted: 1512208105
Cordless home telephone – Audial ID announcement... 0 General
I downloaded an app. to my smartphone which enables it callout the name of who is telephoning. If the caller is unk
started by: StrayCats · last update: 1512999051 · posted: 1511523722
Moving contents from France to UK and back 0 AngloINFO Support
Hi. I need to move some contents from the Poitou-Charentes to Bedfordshire and vice versa, before Christmas 2017. I
started by: Graziella-Swan-914120 · last update: 1512999050 · posted: 1510163193
Problems with new boiler 0 Home & Garden
We decided to change our boiler last year and wanted a Buderus but the plumber ( name on request)we were using said
started by: htavenner-539784 · last update: 1512999050 · posted: 1510677409
Money 0 Financial & Legal
Our banks seem to be giving us tourist rate again, so we looked around for an alternative for our pensions.About 4
started by: barryandpat-550891 · last update: 1512999050 · posted: 1510420627
Unwanted phone calls. 0 General
I downloaded an app. to my smartphone which enables it to call out the name of the person calling - wonderful! And
started by: StrayCats-563722 · last update: 1512999050 · posted: 1510745471
Soda blasting oak beams 0 Home & Garden
Hi!Has anyone tried soda blasting beams in France? Does anyone have the correct equipment to lend or sell? I unders
started by: Sian-Shuttlewood-903973 · last update: 1512999050 · posted: 1510146605
Small deliveries to the uk 0 General
Does anyone know of someone with a small van to deliver some items to England for me.   Mostly boxes and
started by: shegee · last update: 1512999049 · posted: 1509528263