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how to get b2b leads genrated for my business... 2 General Started by: cool-fool-946647 · Updated: 1611232985 · Created: 1571221851
Hi expert please help me how to get genrate lead for my backpack business
SFR Broadband 2 Home & Garden Started by: Beemer-R80RT/K75C · Updated: 1611076052 · Created: 1610098005
Be aware that if you join the above you will be given a temporary phone No. for a fortnight, then put back onto your old
covid vaccine 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: dave&olive · Updated: 1610899190 · Created: 1610899071
Hi OKJust for info the site is now live for appointments ( on line at some hospitals ) - Centres de Vaccination
Reimbursement Medicaments 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Lots-578104 · Updated: 1610791449 · Created: 1338730282
Just a note to those who may not know ... many medications are only reimbursed 15% by the CPAM but 85% by the top up ins
English Speaking Doctor - Chalais 5 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Boris123-935014 · Updated: 1610738980 · Created: 1384887250
I know this has been asked on here many times but as answers cannot be posted on the site I have to ask it again! Please
Garden nurseries in Aubeterre area 21 Home & Garden Started by: Louise & Gary-576730 · Updated: 1610738938 · Created: 1331398601
We will be shortly moving to a new house with a large plot which needs to be turned into a garden. Can anybody recco
Siret no 1 Financial & Legal Started by: carmagnac · Updated: 1610526350 · Created: 1610226820
Hi, all, and Happy New Year. I have had some work done recently. The company has a French address and Siret Number. The
titre de sejour (resident's permit after... 6 General Started by: frenchie45 · Updated: 1610016614 · Created: 1607000437
HiHas anybody had an appointment at their local prefecture after applying for a resident's permit after brexit? What is
Servicing/Repair 0 Home & Garden Started by: Beemer-R80RT/K75C · Updated: 1609686256 · Created: 1609686256
Need our (50 year old!) Kenwood Mixer 'refurbing'. Anybody know of an agent in the Charente/ Vienne area?
Tax filing 0 Financial & Legal Started by: Cerier · Updated: 1608579842 · Created: 1608579842
Looking ftir business who will enter your tax details n line, in Charente.
Professional couple for home and garden help 0 General Started by: James-Davis-979325 · Updated: 1608551926 · Created: 1608551926
Hi all,We are Trustworthy, very discreet and reliable, we are a very professional couple, who work very well together, u
Call charges 4 General Started by: Chris-O'Brien-959615 · Updated: 1608283448 · Created: 1607432152
Hi, does anybody have any tips or advice on how to make cheap calls from UK to France please, mobile and landline?
Buying plants wholesale 4 Home & Garden Started by: Maradardi Mama-541213 · Updated: 1607959778 · Created: 1269295304
Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy plants wholesale? I need at least 60 rosemary and lavender plants. I am
Mobile hairdresser area 79 0 Families & Kids Started by: Clare-Cox-978554 · Updated: 1607797602 · Created: 1607797602
Does anybody know of a female mobile hairdresser in area 79
Chickens 0 Pets & Animals Started by: Richard-Hollands-975699 · Updated: 1607190483 · Created: 1607190483
Does anyone know a good place or market to buy chickens near Chatellerault?
Flu injection 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Chris-Winter-974438 · Updated: 1606477588 · Created: 1603098568
Can any one tell us where we can go in L'absie to get a nurse to administer our Flu jabs?
Mobile ladies hairdresser 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty Started by: Laura -Thompson -974533 · Updated: 1606477305 · Created: 1606421689
Hi, Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser in 16500 near Confolens. I am looking for someone who does colour/highligh
Terre and Eau and Nicholas Raven 11 General Started by: tiggytiggy · Updated: 1606128590 · Created: 1416818481
I am trying to obtain plans of my fosse installation , installed by Terre and Eau ( Carl Dyson) and over-seen by Nichola
Any interest in Northern Soul? 3 Sport & Leisure Started by: Andrew-Poole-969922 · Updated: 1605910361 · Created: 1599239569
We are planning on moving to the Charente this year, as soon as our house is sold, and are wondering ...1) If there are
Taxe d'hab 7 Financial & Legal Started by: fromagebleu · Updated: 1605874108 · Created: 1604907077
Has anyone received the bill for the taxe d'hab?rather nervous about this as I know they are severe if paid late- and it