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roofing 1 General
I arrived back at my place and found the gales last month had blown a load of tile off my Gazebo. So I have been...
started by: Grumpyoldman · last update: 1493450204 · posted: 1493413248
Business to Lease - Vienne 0 Financial & Legal
I want to advertise my bar to lease in the Vienne but not sure how to go about it.  Its a bar - restaurant ...
started by: Abi-Knight-898834 · last update: 1493390938 · posted: 1493390938
English Dentist 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone please have the details of an English Dentist who is practising somewhere near Melle?...
started by: Puffer-10056427 · last update: 1493389260 · posted: 1493389260
What is growing? 1 General
A few fields around us have a light blueish/purpleish flowered crop growing, quite short with dark green leaves....
started by: alanjcoote · last update: 1493380268 · posted: 1493379844
Replacement windows 1 General
Does anyone know if Scott braddock of, Affordable Windows, is still trading. I am trying to make contact with hi...
started by: brightonbell · last update: 1493379567 · posted: 1493362408
chiropractors 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, does anyone know of an English speaking Chiropractor near to Jonsac/ Miranbeau area.
started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · last update: 1493372392 · posted: 1493372392
Saturday night boxing 0 General
Does anyone know where they will be showing on Sky the Anthony Joshua fight on Saturday night. Anywhere within r...
started by: christine w · last update: 1493323850 · posted: 1493323850
Boxing 0 Sport & Leisure
Does anyone know where the Anthony Joshua fight on Saturday night will be showing on Sky TV.  Around Sainte...
started by: christine w · last update: 1493323592 · posted: 1493323592
Declaring endowment pay outs 0 Financial & Legal
Hello, where on the 2017 tax forms do I declare the gain from an endowment pay out please?
started by: sammie-541888 · last update: 1493304724 · posted: 1493304724
'Missing' boxes on tax forms 24 Financial & Legal
Hi - thank you all for advice received so far - I'm very grateful, but feel no further forward!   ...
started by: Curtis-Lake-897326 · last update: 1493293596 · posted: 1492526274
Tax return - Assurance Vie query 2 General
We are doing our very first French tax  return this year for 2016.We started an Assurance Vie in 201...
started by: cockers · last update: 1493281096 · posted: 1493275759
Any Bikers out there 14 Cars, Bikes & Driving
My wife and I are moving out to near Chef Boutonne in the next few months and wondered if there are any Motor Bi...
started by: Le Canada · last update: 1493277883 · posted: 1493033653
Dodgy P&O Roofer - Saint Claud 16450 - W... 12 General
started by: Ocean105 · last update: 1493259364 · posted: 1492838418
Tax Return for 2016 3 Financial & Legal
The ceiling for 2015 tax habitation exoneration was 16409 euros. I'm in the process of preparing my 2016 account...
started by: Rene Artois · last update: 1493223430 · posted: 1493132706
Sandblasting required - Saintes area 0 General
Hello, I need a car chassis (space frame type) and various old car parts sand blasted. I have tried companies in...
started by: SirRobin · last update: 1493221519 · posted: 1493221519
English Antique Furniture 0 General
We have some fine antique English furniture for sale after finishing our latest renovation - is there anyone in ...
started by: RoddyHays · last update: 1493220482 · posted: 1493220482
Help: restaurant for tomorrow (79) 3 Food & Drink
Yikes, significant birthday tomorrow and done nothing about a meal out... suggestions please within 50 km of Par...
started by: Josephine79 · last update: 1493214101 · posted: 1493038247
English speaking vet near the Cognac/Jar... 2 Pets & Animals
Hi, we have just bought a house just outside Cognac, we will be bringing our two dogs over for the summer, stayi...
started by: Jo-Martin-864956 · last update: 1493213738 · posted: 1493212957
English speaking hairdresser near Cognac... 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, i am looking for an english speaking hairdresser who is near to Cognac or Jarnac.I am coming over for...
started by: Jo-Martin-864956 · last update: 1493213462 · posted: 1493213462
Pick up in the Uk and deliver to the Cha... 0 General
Hi, We would like to buy tiles from a company who have a depot in Stoke and Belfast and are looking for som...
started by: noodles-558924 · last update: 1493193890 · posted: 1493193890
Transportation 0 General
Does anyone know someone who could transport a static home from Civray to Moutardon area. 24ft long. 
started by: mondeo-575727 · last update: 1493145384 · posted: 1493145384
Unknown Item on Bank Statement. 0 Financial & Legal
started by: pimpernelalba · last update: 1493135903 · posted: 1493121313
Carte Sejour Permanent EU 9 Financial & Legal
Can anyone please advise as to which documents are required by the La Rochelle Prefecture to be translated in or...
started by: mjpnouvelle · last update: 1493132351 · posted: 1492371382
Van space available from Hampshire 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
We have some van space leaving from the Hampshire /Dorset area this leaving  Thursday .0613576365
started by: Trailrider-644144 · last update: 1493117829 · posted: 1493117829
Fish and Chips 21 Food & Drink
My family and I are considering moving to the Confolens area in July and are considering setting up a mobile fis...
started by: huw-southcott-897784 · last update: 1493033070 · posted: 1492166997
A couple of men who had a vineyard 2 General
Hi, At the beginning of this year on, I think Channel 4, there was a programme about expats, who had s...
started by: bretonlion · last update: 1492932107 · posted: 1492930864
Real IFA's 2 Financial & Legal
I have found that many so called IFA's are nothing of the kind. They deal only with a limited number of companie...
started by: Nelson1805 · last update: 1492929797 · posted: 1492845177
Mobile WIFI Routers 4 General
Hi,I am looking to buy a wifi router so I can access the internet when out and about.I would be in...
started by: PoorbutHappy · last update: 1492885052 · posted: 1492768977
Reclaiming prelevements sociaux 2 Financial & Legal
Hello does anybody know whether these have to be reclaimed again for 2016 (after the declaration has been made f...
started by: overloaded · last update: 1492805625 · posted: 1492788983
saint-Martin-L'ars Dept 86 3 General
saint-Martin-L'arsDept 86
started by: DER-558859 · last update: 1492801319 · posted: 1492788100
So Vintage - Vintage Market - 13th/14th... 0 Entertainment
For all you Retro-Vintage lovers out there ….Come and join in the fun at the So Vintage Market on M...
started by: haley-CHAPMAN-898309 · last update: 1492798819 · posted: 1492798819
Hymer S700 Register in France 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi All.We are going through the process of registering our 1992 Hymer S700 UK registered (originally Germ...
started by: tymeflies · last update: 1492794404 · posted: 1492761793
St Junien Golf 2 Sport & Leisure
Looking for a golf society to join that plays at St Junien - anyone know of anybody who plays there regularly? I...
started by: Daniel-Moore-853701 · last update: 1492757296 · posted: 1492164089
Seeking lawyer/business planner to advis... 1 Financial & Legal
I am currently searching for a recommendation for a lawyer to advise on business strategy and financial planning...
started by: Cambria-Minott-861706 · last update: 1492753932 · posted: 1492601153
Long term property rental wanted 3 Home & Garden
We are retiring this summer and want to rent a house and garden long term to ensure that both France and the reg...
started by: RichandJude · last update: 1492722606 · posted: 1492623079
Tax forms 2017 2 Financial & Legal
HiPlease could you tell me which boxes to fill in to show UK rental income and also UK bank interest....
started by: Lin-Watt-856600 · last update: 1492713363 · posted: 1492541249
Experience of antiques 7 General
Hi I want to kmow about doing vide greniers as apparantly you must be registered to do more than a certian numbe...
started by: Max-Nelson-893099 · last update: 1492673169 · posted: 1492606741
Roofer Needed 1 General
Roofer needed. Genouille area (86). 0549877648.
started by: mondeo-575727 · last update: 1492591907 · posted: 1492591136
Are classifieds not free any more? 3 AngloINFO Support
Clcked the option for a free classified and the computer wants to charge € this right?
started by: GrahamTree · last update: 1492579342 · posted: 1492409001
UK Generel Election 1 General
A General Election has been called for June 8th ( subject to getting round the Fixed Term Parliament Act).
started by: gristhm · last update: 1492533027 · posted: 1492517686
Carte Sejour Permanent EU 1 Financial & Legal
started by: mjpnouvelle · last update: 1492365201 · posted: 1492362727
Query re new tax return 2047 4 Financial & Legal
On page 1 of CERFA 2047K there is a new column included in Section 1.  I refer to the column entitled "Natu...
started by: 23904505 · last update: 1492354373 · posted: 1492282907
Lift required 2 General
Hi all went to Poitiers today to pick up a car and yes it was closed So need a lift required tomorro...
started by: elaine-saray-868925 · last update: 1492279951 · posted: 1492270505
lift wanted to or from La Rochelle Airpo... 0 General
HelloI am looking for a lift from Chef Boutonne to La Rochelle Airport on 2nd of June. Easyjet flight to ...
started by: kalibilly · last update: 1492276671 · posted: 1492276671
Worth a read 0 General
Spotted in the daily mail
started by: Ian2381 · last update: 1492273193 · posted: 1492273193
Animal care 1 Pets & Animals
Does anyone know if there are any animal sancateries / that need voluntary help near to Mirabeau.
started by: gaynor-champion-870949 · last update: 1492253270 · posted: 1492245433
Ajustable Beds 0 General
sorry about the 2 posts that went haywire, think iv had too many chocolate eggs.has anyone bought a ajustable be...
started by: pillow talk · last update: 1492250079 · posted: 1492250079
Ajustablebeds 0 General
started by: pillow talk · last update: 1492249494 · posted: 1492249494
Ajustablebeds 0 General
started by: pillow talk · last update: 1492249494 · posted: 1492249494
Schools 4 Families & Kids
My family and I are considering moving to the Confolens area in July an would need to put our children through s...
started by: huw-southcott-897784 · last update: 1492187208 · posted: 1492167207