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Does anyone know how to contact A.I. apart from their CONTACT US bar on the left of the page as I have tried on 4 different computers now and I get rejected with different messages.1st one; GOOGLE CHROME IS UNRESPONSIVE. 2nd one; COULD NOT PERFORM THIS OPERATION BECAUSE THE DEFAULT MAIL CLIENT IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED. 3rd one ;PLEASE VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNTS CONFIGURATION. And on the 4th computer I actually got a contact page but there were no columns for the senders details,so seeing that it was a friends computer, I abandoned action.Maybe if Stephen G is reading this,he will have courtesy to email me.Other than that it will be the old fashioned Royal mail route to the English address

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marshmallow66 1340720556

have you tried emailing poitoucharentes@angloinfo.com

onested-542732 1340729423

Problem now resolved

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