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Hi all. I am seeking advise on how to prevent the above advertisement appearing on this site. I don't know much about computers but have tried all that I know. Thank you in anticipation

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Johnw-542799 1213475961

tyepaddy, it's not clear what the problem is you're having.

Is it a 'pop up' window selling you software, or is it asking you to download the latest version of Flash Player?

Without the latest version of flash, you may not be able to see certain animations in web pages which require that software - or the page may even fail to load.

If it's a sales 'pop-up' window, you can block these by going to the 'Tools' tab on the top toolbar of Internet Explorer (assuming that's what you're using) and block the site from there.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

John (Dept 16)

tyepaddy 1213481781

Thankyou Johnw. Understood and sorted

StephenG 1213488457

This issue is linked to your existing computer software. There are no pop up advertisements appearing on this site.

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