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I was astonished to receive an e-mail notifying me that someone had replied to a post I had made a long time ago before AI was taken over and then disappeared. So it now seems that AI is back in business; is this right? If so, how long has it been back and what happened over the past year or two?

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Diddle-545494 1553039065

I thought they had gone bust having demonstrated admirably how to take a  successful business and destroy it. Happily no need for it now as we sold up in France and returned to good old Blighty. Now eagerly awaiting UK Freedom day on 29 March. 

faris-898700 1554046238

Considering Anglo Info is supposed to be up and running again there seems very little input in the way of classified ads or discussions for that matter - there used to be hundreds daily - what has happened???

familychristie 1554047905

The site is hopeless! Had problems posting an ad and searching for stuff.

I'm off to try eBay and LeBoncoin !

StrayCats 1554458355

Hello Charles, and others. I discovered only NOW, this minute, that Anglo Info was back. Well-come back Anglo-Info!

I always found Anglo-Info extremely useful for questions like filling in Tax Declarations for example - there were many responses from people who really knew about these things. There were lots of experts out there for all sorts of things - I hope they are still around.

So this posting is just to say I hope Anglo-Info becomes as useful now as I found it to be in the past.

Niscars 1555495275

Great to see it back.  I have already sold two items!

barryandpat-550891 1562343224

Still the fantom "this topic has been reported" seems to be active, If I knew who it was he would have extremely sore testicals.

I wonder why AI has ever been opened up again,? most have gone elsewhere,

Intheshed 1579615340

Certainly the for sale section is working. Had two replies in a few days.


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