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Hello support, don't you think it might be worth putting out a general eMail or message of some sort to all the 'old' posters on the forum to say that the site is back in business. I only found out by stumbling on a link while clearing my desktop. I miss the old discussions with the likes of Dennis-Diogenes-901492 , barryandpat-550891 , chèvrefeuille, Busterboy , dogs wotsits, countrydweller, groucho  to name but a few who were regular contributors and probably don't even know you are back. Just a thought!

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alanjcoote 1562223141

I will take that as a no then!

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framus 1562233774

Hi Alanjcoote. Seemed like a good idea to me, but obviously admin think its really taking off again as it is. It would be nice to see a bit more activity again.

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barryandpat-550891 1562343358

what about the phantom "this topic has been reported" idiot?

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Intheshed 1562521551

Blimey, Mr (or Mme) is back reporting, or someone 'avin a larf? If not, I feel sorry for them and hope they get a life..

Personally, I enjoyed the forum and found it very useful and could still, if it has got away from the 'silly-ness' after the take over.

B&P, how is the heating going? ;o)


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Intheshed 1562521848

That reporting was quick! or is it a result of the first report getting carried on?

I just noticed that the sales adds is still going OK. I have shifted a few bits and bought others. Quite useful.

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framus 1562537727

I seem to remember with the old site that if the original post was reported then every subsequent post was reported. Still beggars the question why the post was reported, seemed a good idea to me. Wonder if rollerboy is still out there, always liked his input.

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