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I have tried numerous times to upload photos for items to sell but as soon as I get to that stage everything freezes.  The buttons don't work and which one is right anyway?  Upload - won't do it, Save and Continue - nothing happens.  I've only ever sold on the old site and am finding this one very user unfriendly compared to the old one which was very straightforward.  Can anyone help please?  I have items to sell as I am moving house.

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StephenG 1468360969

Kathy, the issue you are having is probably because the sizes of your picture files are too large. The limit is 1MB per image so you could try reducing the size and re-posting. If you still continue to experience difficulties email

reg 1468392709

Stephen G - instead of having to tell users the same thing over and over, why don't you ask the website developers at the Dream Palace to make the posting of ads more user friendly? I suppose you will now delete this posting of mine and my user name because I have said something that makes you feel uncomfortable. J'attends .......................

KathyS-543948 1468395220

Thank you Stephen.

I will try as you advise, although being pressed for time I will probably just post without photos and send them if requested.  I do miss the old Classifieds!

SLD22 1472278678

Ah it's the size!.... I've been trying for weeks, I thought it was me..... I've just looked now and yes my photos are all around 4MB..... It would be really great if they could maybe change the accepted size, as I'm not even sure how I would do this myself!....I do miss the old site too.... another little glitch I've noticed is sometimes the posting date comes up as a string of numbers instead of the actual date, so it's not possible to see if you are asking about an ad that's just been posted or maybe 3 - 6 months old.

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