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I have put several classified ads on this site recently, but I can't seem to access them. For a while after the redesign I could see them all, edit them and mark any items sold. Those options seem to have disappeared... or am I looking in the wrong place? Also I have tried to contact other advertisers via the message service, after a few days of no response I have phoned them instead and they tell me they didn't receive my message. Can anyone from AngloInfo tell me what is happening and how I can access these basics? Thanks.

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Hi.  I agree the old web site was very navigable, this new one defies logic, hence so many adverts without photo's or photo's of a portion of the object being advertised. Why can't we just place a photo, as on the old site with out the possibility but unusable editing feature.

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It is true the old website was very easy to use and because it hadn't changed much over the years we all got used to where everything was, but things move on, develop and change. Some of us find it difficult to adapt to the changes, but eventually we will forget the old ways and embrace the new.

I have discovered where the navigation tools for myangloinfo are hidden - just off to the left, in fact so far off to the left they are invisible unless I resize the window to make it much wider than my screen, then reposition it. Which is a bit of a nuisance, maybe it's because I use an Apple Mac rather than a PC. A bit of an oversight from the web builders, maybe something they could look at?

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