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Has anybody else had this problem? For some reason this site is using so much of my CPU that I have to type very slowly or keystrokes are missed. I have tried deleting all cookies, to no avail Other sites work fine. Task manager (Windows XP, SP3) shows activity from "services.exe", which it will not let me stop or de-prioritise, calling it essential, also "svchost.exe" I run Avast virus protection, but I can't see why a virus would only effect one site. Help? Alan

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rhubarb-559640 1323706152

I am having a similar problem with this site. It takes ages to type because the keys appear to miss, taking about 3 goes to get each letter, I noticed it last week when I made a post. I have checked the keyboard which is fine and typing elsewhere seems ok other than the Google toolbar which is the same.

I have done all the usual, clearing cookies, running virus checks(I use Kaspersky), disabling add-ons etc. The only difference I have to you is that it is not related to the CPU working hard.

Sorry this doesn't help you but I thought you might be interested to know someone else is having the same problem. I am also running XP with SP3.



tim06-559204 1323710305

I think it's your computer, as I have no problems at all.
BUT I do use a MAC not a PC! therefore i reckon the suspect is Bill Gates!
Good luck.

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