difficulty posting an ad

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This is my second attempt in 10 days. When I preview posting, I can see 3 identical ads, two blurry, then when I try to submit, it takes ages, then, hooray, the continue button appears, BUT it just starts trying to submit again..and again.. and ...Look at how few ads are being posted. This used to be the best site for advertising, now it's hardly being used. What a shame.Le bon coin, however, brilliant, but I want to target English speakers, too.

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StephenG 1470772099

tattybird, most of the problems users are encountering are because they are trying to add picture files which are too big to their advertisements. The maximum size being 1mg. Try resizing your images, or if you are still having difficulties email to poitoucharentes@angloinfo.com

tattybird-559398 1470779926

Thank you. Will have another go!

broquet-568749 1471259109

StephenG why don't you just admit that the new web site is not "fit for purpose" as indicated by the almost lack of new adverts, and pictures, if there at all, are wrong angles or depict parts of the subject. Image size is a requirement but so is a sensible editing feature that can be used by anyone, as was the case with the old site. perhaps when your paying advertisers realize that their adds are not being visited and cancel, you may then address the problem 

dad-570372 1472667006

Can't anyone at AI see theres a real problem with the site?

Doesn't the amount of double  and even triple listings, problems uploading, editing, peoples names as titles of listings etc etc tell you there's a problem.

If its too difficult to do these things then its a fault of site design not a problem of browser choice, wrong size files, user knowledge etc.

Sites like this should be easy to use, easy to navigate, easy to understand. Its basically small ads and a forum, usually not too complicated to use. The designers should assume that the user isn't that computer savvy. Make it easy for the user, if its not easy then its a poorly designed and under-tested waste of time.

I did a degree in web and multimedia design many years ago. The technology has changed and I'm lost now when it comes to a lot of programmy things but the basic rules of usability haven't changed.

TOE-KNEE 1472729569

I just have to agree with everything you said, I'm not that computer savvy but dont have problems useing other sites and I am on line every day.I guess they will only wake up when the revenue dries up.What a shame.Why dont they put something on line to show that they are listening to peoples concerns?Does seem like they put difficulties down to users being thick.

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