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every now and then during the past few days when i have been using the angloinfo site the above program tries to download. it only happene with angloinfo . i roll over the wrong spot and the popup appears. it isn't me as i have full anti-virus protection. perhaps someone should take a look

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Mrs Merton 1304879225

Me too - it's been happening for a couple of weeks, not every time I use AI but quite frequently. The AngloInfo site closes down and I get taken to a site that tells me I must download their virus protection software. The only way out is to close down my browser. Damned annoying.

hjt-547204 1304890068

the site you get redirected to is a well known scam site. the computer infections are spurious i ran a complete diagnostic after the last redirection which came up clean. i tend to think that a link or script on the webpage has been corrupted.

Kaitlin-567425 1304893917

Exactly the same has happened to me.

Google AntiSpyWareSetup.exe.

It looks so authentic to a semi-literate computer user like me - so glad that I didn`t go ahead & download.

JKB-560995 1304894582

Yes it happened to us too and we had to have the computer sorted out by someone we know who downloaded spymaster for us - if its in the angloinfo site can they not get rid of it ????

rowin-546313 1304899129

This used to happen quite frequently about 2 years ago & the only programme I could find which found & fixed the virus was malwarebytes. Its a free programme & seems to work.

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