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HELP - I made an error in a submission.  How can I edit it?

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StephenG 1470054878

Hi Sherrie. Just send an email to poitoucharentes@angloinfo.com with details of the submission and the changes you would like to make.

reg 1470080043

Shouldn't bother - no one replies

Lotte -Lenya-862922 1470083775

StephenG, wouldn't it be simpler to introduce an edit facility for posts on this discussion forum? There's never been such a facility - unlike myriad other such fora - and I've never understood why. Maybe you could explain?

Sherrie-Herridge-863294 1470126740

Hi  All and thanks for the replies.

Stephen G - tried - hah!

Next comment - agree whole-heartedly.

Lotte - so right.  Why on earth should I have to re-enter my ad for just one small error in the date?  I really would like to know who designed this site and why then can't make the small changes needed.

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