Finding again my Car for Sale advert

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I really need to locate my advert for my car for sale as wish to reduce the price to sell sooner but can't for the life of me find it again and I haven't got hours and hours to scroll back over a couple of weeksAny fast way please - if I put on anew Admin write back and blow it off saying I already have an ad onAny help welcomePuzzled???

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Misstamla 1327511248

You could try putting a keyword from the original ad (say, the make of the car) into the search box on the right hand side of the page. Also, I've sometimes been able to relocate old posts of mine by putting my forum name in to the search box.

For future reference, which I learned having had to trawl through the forum for previous posts, is to make a note of the date of your posts. It makes it a lot easier to search when you need to find it again!

sawmill-541163 1327511287

Remember a key word you used in the ad and put that in the search. That should find it. You won't be able to alter the ad but you can put a new entry against it.

vanessa_graham-543977 1327512782

I usually find using Google is easier than using the AI search facility...
Type in the word you want and the word AngloInfo and voilĂ .
e.g. ' yourusername angloinfo '

Misstamla 1327512990

Thanks, Vanessa; that's very useful information.

Brassmonkey 1327515205

Without exception, every time I have tried to use the AI search function it comes back with a message about "too many results", try again with different search criteria. I shall try Google next time as vanessa_graham suggests.

onested-542732 1327517375

Unfortunately by googleing it,generally your last post is brought up and then a lot of other stuff on angloinfo around the world and then maybe your next post comes up on page 2 and so on.Your 'Nom de plume' is too general,create one like a misspelt word and then search for it on A.I. when you have lost sight of your advert.

Little Ann-543052 1327517494

This is presumably the ad you were looking for, Som(E)thinggoing on -

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