How can I edit my classified ad please?

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Hi Stephen GI cannot find how to edit one of my classified ads. The photos are in the wrong order. Also, one of my other classifieds is marked as sold yet it is not. Could you advise please?

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StephenG 1469654550

Hi there. Send an email with specific details of which advertisements you want to change to and somebody should be able to help you. 

Oskii 1469891822

You used to be able to log on & do it yourself when it was the old site!! Irritating, i have the same problem! Quicker to put a new ad in!

reg 1469906354

Hi again Stephen G

I've emailed the ad as you suggested but nothing has changed. Didn't have a problem with Leboncoin or Rootstockads. Does anybody in the Anglo Info dream palace care anymore?

reg 1470254090

OK Stephen G. It's over a week since you told me to send the details of the ad to admin to have it corrected, which I did. NOTHING has happened. Do you have an explanation please?

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