How do I edit my post please?

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Have posted a classified but need to make an alteration. I can't find anyway to edit it. Help please

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Daniel H 1471899455

Email your alterations to and admin will change it for you.

dad-570372 1471933255

Thats a ludicrous way to run a classifieds.

reg 1471947637

Hi Daniel H. Are you the new franchisee or administrator because it's normally Stephen G that posts that reply? The last twice I have done as instructed, I have had no response and the advert has not been amended, so what's the point? As dad says - what a ludicrous way to run a website. We all make mistakes, but what's wrong with a simple "edit" button? In actual fact, the mistake is that of the website not me. When one puts photos on the advert, one normally puts the best at the front. With this website they come out in the reverse order! (Every time). I have learned now to put the ads in the opposite way round. I shall be interested in your response if any.

DBandWB 1581329331

10/02/2020....and still impossible to edit a post.......why is it so difficult to install an edit button ??

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