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I have today put on an item for sale on the 'classified' section. The system is slightly different to when I previously did this, in April. Apparently, there is an option to edit or 'mark as sold' items, once they have been posted. How exactly do I do this? I cannot see anywhere to 'click' on to indicate the item is sold. I am optimistically planning ahead here,  because I have not made a sale yet! Thanks to anyone who can help.

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DENBRIG 1350663095

I have just tried to put a 2nd advert on and have accidentally found the answer to my original question. It's easy once you know how, but it is not exactly obvious.

Richard-389735 1350663450

My AngloINFO - My Postings - Classifieds. You should see your advert and the option to edit it.

DENBRIG 1350664731

Thanks Richard. It seems so obvious now. Must be an 'age thing'! : International Specialty Pharmacy 1562571127

Today, I have today put on an item for sale on the 'classified' section. But there is slightly some mistake in that and I need to make it correct. But there is no edit option available here. Please suggest how can I edit my postings?

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