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HelloI recently changed my internet provider from SFR  to OZONe, since getting the ozone package my internet is not working properly, zones out during peak hours and also the phone line has not worked at all since I got it installed in October. I initially wrote to cancel the contract on the basis that it wasn't working but I was told that I would be charged for the full annual amount and I signed up to an annual contrat. I therefore retracted my cancellation on the basis that they provided what I am paying for a working internet and phone service. My internet is still not working properly and my phone has not worked at all. They keep saying that its in the system and someone is looking into it,,,, but cant give me any date for an engineer to visit. I am unable to call them as the phone line is not working and for some reason I am unable to get a signal for my mobile phone. Can anyone help me in terms of what I can do , I am missing  out on important business as is my husband.thank youAngela 

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