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Ok so this sounds a bit odd, but browsing down through the forum to the bottom...question how do you get onto the next page, ie;yesterdays topics, there isnt an arrow or anything!!can anyone shed any light on this for me.thanksLife is what happens to you when your busy making other plans...j.lennon

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When you click on the forum initially, you then get a list of the most recent or most recently discussed topics. For the ones that have been there earlier, you will have to go to the navigation bar on your right and click on the section that you wish to see the topic about, i.e. "general", "financial & legal" and so on.....

Hope that helps a bit! Take care!

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Hi !

I also had this problem - until I realised that if you type in what you are looking for in the little empty box at the top of the forum, and press 'search' it brings you directly to the subject you are looking for !!

Ain't technology grand ! just wish I knew more about it !!

Cheers !

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Sometimes Forums Admin will move posts into other Forums for ease of access.

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