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Does anyone know how we can get our removal company permission to move from France to Uk and get my partner back to UK as I am in UK in an empty house having just purchased and he is stranded there with all the furniture.  We may just have to wait a couple of months because of the virus (which I would understand) but who would we contact to get permission eventually?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Likely you will have to wait until the lockdown is eased, then see. Transports in general seem to be working, but only for essential stuff and your furniture prob does not qualify...

Looking on a UK site, a carrier came on and said post and his pallet based shifting business was not affected, but looks a bit different here.

So, think again at the end of April, as that 'might' be the first possibility, but very dependant on how the lockdown works. I am not too optamistic. We are in a very different world.


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A small question. Normally removal's companies employ at least 2 people to move furniture. There is a rule in UK about no more than 2 people in a group , so how are the removers going to be given instructions as to where you want the furnture off - loaded, your partner and the removers would be 3!

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