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I am trying to locate one of my past postings. When I hit the tab to do so I get one page of most recent ones but when I try to get to page two I get a blank page. Does anyone know how to locate older postings or is there a cut off point after which they are automatically deleted? Many Thanks

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allibaba 1427805101

How bizarre! I just had a look out of curiosity and I cannot suss it out either. Maybe contact Admin direct? There is provision for that at the bottom right of the page.

digthewell 1427805405

Yes, me too! Only the first page is visible, and nothing shows up on subsequent pages.

Rocketman-579161 1427807733

Yep, same here. One for Admin.

marshmallow66 1427812263

Strange,working fine here.

Fish24 1427824498

To one and all.

Put your anon name up in the top right-hand box 'Forum Search'.  Hit the button and if you get your first page only, either top right or middle left menu there is a 'button' marked 'My Postings'.  Hit button and low and behold, up comes all or most of your postings!!!

 It works for me.  Thank you me!!!

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