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I am having awful trouble recently getting my photos accepted on classifieds. Keep being told they're too big but they are the same size as they always were. All it's making me do is use Anglo Info less and find other sites. Anyone else have problems.

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tofty55 1434012670

try changing the size of the photos on your camera.. mine was on landscape and i changed to portrait and alls ok now.. go into your menu on your camera.. hope this works

johnandfifi 1434016382

I have no problem ,using Google Chrome. My wife has a similar problem- she uses an iPad on iOS8- she has to delete all her history before being able to attach pics. It seems to be a problem for some,not others- you often see AI members saying they can't upload pics, others are shown on the thread but not visible.

If it is just a size thing, you could resize here

BenVorlich 1434017410

You could try editing the picture in Microsoft Paint, Select picture file, use right mouse button and Open With option. Paint has a resize option.  Use the percentage option. Then Save As with a different name.




countrydweller 1434026873

Make sure that the photo is taken on a size suitable for email attachment mos devices have this setting

Mel17 1434116245

thanks everyone

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