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Is everyone receiving their emails on this site?. I have sent a couple and not sure they are being received?

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michelex 1189980859

no! I got an email to say I had a reply but could not find it!!

michelle et jean

StephenG 1189984319

The only reason an email would not get through is if an incorrect email address has been entered in the first place. Occasionally however a notification of a reply will be generated automatically although Forums Admin have deleted it for breech of T&C's. In cases like these the poster is unable to find it on the site. General information can be found here:

nh627-538848 1202466736

Hi Vee

I had a similar problem sending mails because I had an overload on one of my ports. This seems to be a common problem here with Orange with whom I subscribe via a home account and a mobile business account. Therre was no indicator to tell me the mail had not arrived and the mail would sit happily in my sent mail box but it never arrived. I am fixed on my home now and will be away at work again shortly so will know if the mobile is working.

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