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help please, kind of new to this, how do you see the private messages on this page? do you only get them in an email or can they be seen through the ai site? Thank you

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peri winkle-554646 1434490180

Click on the username, and you should find a box to e-mail privately...keep in mind that the AI team can 'see' your initial mail, and any reply if sent without inputting the mail details manually for privacy....

Greenteddy-10041779 1434490907

No, how do I see the ones I receive? 

Penny76 1434491699

They come to you as emails, via the email address you registered with AI.

Greenteddy-10041779 1434491828

Thanks penny I have noticed that, it's just I deleted a couple by mistake and was hoping you can see them here as well as in the emails. :(

Dickyticker-577296 1434491977

Have sent a PM so you should be able to find in email account.

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