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I am trying to send a private reply to a posting on the Forum. I click on the e-mail facility and up comes a window. I type my reply but then cannot see the "send" button anywhere. Help, please!

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a&a-540239 1208335595

At the bottom of the box is a button with "Send email", there is on mine.

Cousin Kay-540831 1208336671

Yes, there always used to be on mine too - but it's disappeared. Has anyone seen a little lost Send button wandering the streets of Civray? If so, please smack its bottom and send it back to

mike-538225 1208356469

  • What operating system/browser are you using?

  • Are you at a non-standard (>100%) zoom?

  • Can you see the Send button if you select the text at the bottom of the window and drag your mouse (holding the left mouse-button down) below the bottom of the window?


Cousin Kay-540831 1208456526

Thank you everyone who has offered help on my petit problème which has now mysteriously resolved itself.

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