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We worked all our lives in England so we have never paid into the french social services system. For the last 25 years we have been in France. Now that my husband aged 91 is ill I need help in the house. I have to pay almost 20 euros an hour and that adds up very fast. Does anyone know if there is a reciprocal arrangement between the 2 countries? I have no idea who to contact in England to ask for information - any ideas please?

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Speak to your doctor about the difficulties you are having. It was after a stay in hospital that I received help with my mother.

At the moment she has an aide-soignante which is I believe an equivelant to an auxillary nurse. They come in every day to help wash, dress etc 7 days a week. She does not pay for this as she receives 100% cover for most things health wise (due to having spent her working life in the uk) and if requested by your doctor it is therefore covered by this. We could have more help, as indicated by our doctor, but at the moment we are happy with the help we are getting.

(Before that she had an aide-domicile which is like a home help, who help with personal care, shopping and light housework etc)

Hope this helps.

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If you have your carte vitales and social security numbers, yes, talk to your doctor.

He/she will give you a certificate which you present to the ADMR for a home help. The amount of hours allocated is then decided by the patient how they will be divided up, and when the hours run out, you just get another certificate/justification from your doctor. I've had this 3 times following a car accident and 2 ops on my collarbone because I had a child and couldn't do anything for myself. ADMR assistance is available to people with children and the elderly.

HOWEVER it is means tested and your avis d'impots will be requested to see if you qualify or not for help from the ADMR.

You should also go and see your local Assistante Sociale who will advise you.

There is no reciprocal arrangement in place for respite care between the Uk and France.

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Thank you for your ideas. We are told by the Social Services here that because we worked and payed our contributions in England we are not eligible for any reduction of their fees and so we pay 240 E per month for only 3 hours per week for what I think must be called and aide domicile.

Do you think that a ref. from the Dr will override this decision?

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You can certainly get the care component of attendance allowance from the UK although not the mobility component

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Dear Mayday

Thanks for your advice

The nextr question is - how? How can I get the necessary information re. attendance allowance to our local Social Services who think that we qualify for nothing?

I am going top see the organisation C.L.I.C. this week so maybe they will come up with something.

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I had dreadful issues with trying to find the correct advice. Someone in the newcastle office told me, catagorically, that i couldn't claim anything but i didn't stop there. I have downloaded a pdf of the correct forms and am in the process of completing them. if you pm me your email address, i'll send you a link

I finally spoke to someone from the correct department who talked me through the claim process - I am definitely entitled to claim but have been told it takes several weeks to process the claim

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Dear Mayday

Thanks very much.


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