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I regularly run Adware to keep an eye on tracking cookies and spyware on my computer and I've known for quite some time that one of my 'regular' sites has been dropping these onto my computer. My recent update of McAfee now has a 'site advisor'. This comes up 'green', ie 'safe' on all my regular sites, but this site comes up 'orange', ie 'suspect'. I've checked the status of this site with the McAfee site advisor and the warning is this:- "In our tests, we found downloads on this site that some people consider adware, spyware, or other unwanted programs". Has anybody else experienced this? Perhaps Admin can advise?

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The main problem with Mcafee and Norton is that they are very intrusive, They are also memory hungry and cause the PC to slow to a stop. I would use either AVG or Avast for anti virus and for the spyware run AVG spyware and/or Spybot S and D and Adaware SE. These programs are free to use and updated regularly. They will not slow the machine but the virus scans run resident (scans in the back ground). so save yourself 40 euros a year and switch.

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Hopefully you have now got it sorted, but I have recently had probs with spys etc, and downloaded avast and comodo, both free and both seem to be working well.


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I thought cookies you got from the supermarket!!

No I jest. I go with Nige. Have tried and paid for Norton and Mcfee in past and ended up paying more for someone to unblock my system. Now use only AVG best thing since sliced bread.


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The problem never went away (or was adequately explained), but I very quickly got teed off with Macafee and I ended up with Kaspersky. OK, still had to pay my 40$ but so far it's been worth every penny :-).

Spybot and Adaware roool though ;-).

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The best way I found to avoid spyware, virus and other nasty little bugs, is to run a Linux based operating system. Nowadays, they are as easy to use as Windows, have loads and loads of applications made for them, they are LEGALLY free and safe. I use Ubuntu, installed it 18 months ago, and never had a crash, no 'blue screen', no virus, no spyware.. You can find it at

Have a look, and keep in mind that there's free support available 24/24 on the Ubuntu forum.

As an aside note, the only reason I am posting this, is to give you options as far as making it easier to be safe online.

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Thanks for your help Bodart! :-). How ironic is that - my browser crashed whilst replying to you....!

My husband is a great Linux (and Apple) fan and has had many a smug moment when I've a whinge about various OS problems/viruses etc, so it looks like I'm going to be taking that final leap when my puter is replaced in a couple of months :-).

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